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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Watch, puny friends! Wolfgang will perform feats of strength!


The Mighty Gym is a structure in Don't Starve Together exclusive to Wolfgang. It can be crafted from his Survivor Items tab and requires 4 Boards, 2 Cut Stone, and 3 Rope to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype. Its function is to increase Wolfgang's might.

When the player uses the structure, a minigame will start. A "bell" on the meter on the base of the structure will start moving, and the player must click in time with the bell's movements in the center of the meter to increase their might. When hitting the borders (black), the weights will fall and Wolfgang won't gain anything. The player's rate of hunger loss increases dramatically while playing, especially when using heavier weights.

Gym Weights

When built, the Mighty Gym's weights appear with Potato Sacks that can be unloaded and replaced for heavy items. Check the values below:

Item Value
Potato Sack.png
Sunken Chest.pngShell Cluster.pngCave-in Boulder.pngGlass Spike Short.pngGlass Castle.pngKnobbly Tree Nut.png
Celestial Altar Base.pngCelestial Altar Orb.pngCelestial Altar Idol.pngCelestial Sanctum Icon.pngCelestial Sanctum Ward.pngInactive Celestial Tribute.png
Sculpture Rooknose.pngSculpture Knighthead.pngFile:Sculpture Bishophead.png
Rotting Giant Crops.png
Carved Hornucopia (Marble).pngBubble Pipe Carving (Marble).pngAnchor Figure (Marble).pngPawn Figure (Marble).png
Rook Figure (Marble).pngKnight Figure (Marble).pngBishop Figure (Marble).pngQueenly Figure (Marble).png
Kingly Figure (Marble).pngVarg Figure (Marble).pngHound Figure (Marble).pngCarrat Figure (Marble).png
Beefalo Figure (Marble).pngKitcoon Figure (Marble).pngCatcoon Figure (Marble).pngBunnyman Figure (Marble).png
Giant Crops.png
Deerclops Figure (Marble).pngBearger Figure (Marble).pngMoose Figure (Marble).pngDragonfly Figure (Marble).png
Ancient Guardian Figure (Marble).pngToadstool Figure (Marble).pngBee Queen Figure (Marble).pngKlaus Figure (Marble).png
Antlion Figure (Marble).pngAncient Fuelweaver Figure (Marble).pngMalbatross Figure (Marble).pngCrab King Figure (Marble).png
Moon Moth Figure (Marble).png"Moon" Figure (Marble).pngCelestial Champion Figure (Marble).pngEye of Terror Figure (Marble).png
Twins of Terror Figure (Marble).png

*The material used to craft the Chess Pieces does not affect its weight.

Loaded Gym

The difficulty, hunger drain, and resulting Might gain of a successful lift scale with the total weight of the objects placed. The might increase depends on the section (color) that was hit during the lift. There are four sections: Black (nothing), Orange (4), Yellow (6.67) and White (10).

Total Weight Better Section Might Gain per Lift Hunger Drain
2 to 3 Orange 4 4x
4 to 6 Yellow 6.67 11x
7 to 8 White 10 22x

The hunger drain will be applied even if the player is idle.

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  • Some Chess pieces not made from Marble appear invisible when placed on the Mighty Gym.
  • When Wolfgang changes from one phase to another while using the Mighty Gym, a second bell rendering appears on the very left of the meter, which does not move, and disappears when exiting the structure. This is purely visual and does not affect lifting.
  • When placing the Mighty Gym near a body of water, dismounting will sometimes cause Wolfgang to jump in and suffer the drowning penalty of losing 25% of their max health (similar to when being ressurected by Telltale Heart), -25 Hunger, -25 Sanity, gain 100% Wetness and drop half of their inventory slots into the water.