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Mind says no. Muscles say yes!


Wolfgang is the second playable Character in Don't Starve that can be unlocked via Experience, with 320 XP, and one of the playable Characters in Don't Starve Together (Don't Starve Together icon.png). He is a simple-minded Strongman who is very boastful about his might.

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin

Wolfgang always prided himself on his strength, but after an embarrassing mishap reveals his might to be a touch exaggerated, he finds himself eager to accept any opportunity to get stronger… no matter how dubious the source.

–From the official Youtube description for "The Incredible Strongman"

Wolfgang's backstory was revealed in an animated short titled The Incredible Strongman. An official summary of the short was provided in DST's Compendium:

Prior to his time in the Constant, Wolfgang's life revolved around one single-minded pursuit of one goal: to become the strongest man there ever was. His quest would lead him across Europe and eventually even across the Atlantic to America, where his feat of muscular prowess caught the attention of Misters Abernethy & Parker, who invited him to headline in their newly-formed traveling circus. Wolfgang quickly found himself caught up in the pageantry of circus life, and his attetion began to shift to finding ways to make his show more spectacular. Fearing his own strenght wouldn't be enough to keep impressing the crowds, he started employing a bit of stage trickery, with each new act becoming more unbelievable than the last. As his act grew more outlandish, the risk of being exposed as a fraud grew, and as he suffered one embarassing mistake after another his once unshakeable confidence in his abilities was slowly chipped away.

Until one day, a chance encounter gave him the a taste of the ultimate strength he had craved for so long...

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  • Wolfgang was added on October 2nd, 2012 when the game was still in Beta. Like Willow and Wendy before him, he had no special power when implemented and the only thing that differentiated him from Wilson was the lack of a Beard. It was only on November 13, 2012 that the Enter the Gobbler update added perks for the current playable Characters.
  • In his early concept, Wolfgang had a bald head.
    Wolfgang in-game look before the Strange New Powers Update
  • Wolfgang's previous perk, before the Strange New Powers update, was 75 more Health and Hunger (maximum of 225 each), and a 1.5× damage multiplier, similar to his current Mighty Form. He also looked like his Mighty form all the time, though with an intact costume and less arm muscles.
  • Wolfgang's voice is played by a tuba, which changes in pitch depending on his current form.
  • After the "Strange New Powers" update, because of Wolfgang's Hunger drain multiplier mechanic, timewise it takes him 198 normal Hunger points (exactly 21m 7s, or around 2.5 in-game days) to get from 300 to 0 Hunger, making him slightly less Hunger resistant than a fully upgraded WX-78. His mighty form lasts only 3 minutes and 56 seconds if not sustained.
  • Thanks to his perk, Wolfgang is the character with both the highest and lowest damage output in the game. When full Mighty he can do 136 damage in melee combat with a Dark Sword and 200 damage at range with a Blow Dart. In the same way when fully starving he can do as low as 2.125 damage when wielding a Bug Net or Fishing Rod and 13.6 damage with a Boomerang.
    • In RoG, thanks to the Morning Star, Wolfgang can do as high as 144 damage to wet targets. His DPS even surpasses that of the Dragonfly.
    • In Don't Starve Together icon.png, thanks to the Electric Dart, Wolfgang can do as high as 300 damage at range to wet targets.
    • Paired with a Glass Cutter or Dark Sword, Volt Goat Chaud-Froid and Chili Flakes on a wet target, Wolfgang can deal 402 damage per swing in mighty form.
      • In SW, with the highest Hunger, Wolfgang can use the Cutlass Supreme to also deal 136 damage in melee combat, in a similar vein to the Dark Sword, but with different perks; if attacking the Sealnado, the damage output can be as high as 170. Past that, the damage dealt is even higher in SW. Thanks to the Trident, Wolfgang can do as high as 204 damage in melee while on Boats; and thanks to the Harpoon, he can do as high as 400 damage at range.
  • Despite his mustache, he cannot grow a Beard, stating his skin is too strong for hair.
  • Wolfgang has a skull in the game files.
  • Wolfgang was previously unlocked after Wendy.
  • Mighty Wolfgang's scale is 1.25. That makes him the tallest of the playable Characters while in this form. His Wimpy form, on the other hand, has a smaller scale of 0.9, thus making him the shortest of them.
    • The size of items he's equipping also changes with his forms. They're smaller when he's Wimpy and bigger when he's Mighty.
  • If the player saves the game while Wolfgang's Hunger is between 220-225 or 100-105 points and in the Mighty or Normal form respectively, when they reload Wolfgang will be one form weaker. That happens because the game considers Normal form to be between 105 and 225 points and Wimpy form between 0-105 points, even though to get from Mighty to Normal, he needs to be below 220 points, and from Normal to Wimpy below 100.
  • Wolfgang is the only character that when struck by Lightning in DLCs is shown to have a normal human skeleton.
  • Wolfgang was added to Don't Starve Together with the ...In with the New update, making him the first character to be added after the initial closed Beta release of Don't Starve Together icon.png.
  • When examining the Hibearnation Vest he says "Is like hair on Wolfgang chest.", despite having no visible chest hair neither in-game nor in promotional art. His Hallowed Nights, Triumphant and Magmatic skins are the only exceptions.
  • Wolfgang is one of four characters in Don't Starve Together icon.png whose favorite food isn't a Crock Pot meal, the other three being Wortox, Wormwood, and Wurt.
    • Wolfgang is the only human character whose favorite food isn't a Crock Pot meal.
  • Upon examining Codex Umbra, Wolfgang states he can't read, even though he's technically able to read Signs.
    • Furthermore, he will oppose to read any line making up an excuse, such as Is not time for reading signs!.
  • The original description for Wolfgang's Contender skin was "Wolfgang says his prayers and eats his vitamins." This was also his quote for the skin. It seems to be referencing retired wrestler Hulk Hogan's "demandments" which included saying prayers and eating vitamins.
  • The design and description of MacWolf may refer to his bald original design.


  • Wolfgang was a strongman working in a circus.
    • It was confirmed in the The Incredible Strongman animated short, where Wolfgang is the star of a circus attraction.
    • In the circus poster from the 4th William Carter Puzzle, the acrobat on the elephant is wearing a unitard similar to Wolfgang's. The poster also advertises a strongman act.
    • According to flavor text associated with the Wolfgang vignette from The Forge event, Wolfgang had been a member of a "troupe", possibly referring to his circus troupe.
    • The name of his Roseate body skin is "Circus Rose Attire".
    • He mentions that "Argh! Taking down big circus tent was easier than this!" when failing to lower a sail in Don't Starve Together.
  • It is implied that Wolfgang was also in a military.
    • The flavor text from the Wolfgang vignette from The Forge mentions him being a member of a "troop".
    • His Guest of Honor body skin is called a Mess Dress, which is an outfit worn by military officers for formal occasions.
    • When examining a domesticated docile Beefalo, he says it reminds him of the "cavalry".
  • Some of Wolfgang's mannerisms imply a vague ethnic background made up of different European stereotypes. For example, when examining Frog Legs, he states "Is delicacy in my country!", suggesting that his nationality could be French. However, the name Wolfgang itself has German origins, and he is seen wearing lederhosen in his Verdant outfit, a traditionally German article of clothing.
    • When examining a Hammer, he states "Needs sickle!", which could suggest a Soviet or Communist origin.
    • When examining the Hermit Home, he states "This no place for someone's babushka.", implying that he is of Russian origin.
      • Babushka is Russian for "grandmother".
  • When examining a Pitchfork, he states "Reminds me of childhood" suggesting that he may have grown up on a farm.
  • From his examination quotes of the Catcoon and ruined Hollow Stump it seems like Wolfgang does not like cats. When examining the Sharkitten he says that he prefers dogs.
  • In Don't Starve Together icon.png, Maxwell's quote for the Air Unfreshener describes Wolfgang's smell as if his wardrobe was filled with Unfresheners. Willow's quote for the Unfreshener reveals that she put one in Wolfgang's unitard when he wasn't looking.
  • In Don't Starve Together icon.png, his quote for Wendy, Wendy's quote for Wolfgang, and Wendy's quote for the Red Moonlens heavily imply that Wolfgang is scared of Wendy.
  • Wolfgang's loading screen vignette is accompanied by text that reveals a bit about himself: Whether in troupes or troops, Wolfgang has always thrived on the spirit of camaraderie. He considers the day he joined the survivors to be the moment his luck finally took a turn for the better.
  • Wolfgang is about in his 40's.[1]
  • Kevin Forbes has hinted that something about Wolfgang's weak form fits into his "secret backstory."[2]
  • Wolfgang's birthday is listed as October 2 in the Compendium. October 2, 2012 is the day Wolfgang was added to the Don't Starve Beta.

Cultural References

  • Wolfgang's rather unusual quotes may be a reference to the phrase "brains over brawn," in that he has only the latter.
  • Wolfgang's eating mechanics may be a reference to strongman training diets which entail eating 10,000 calories a day.[3]
  • Wolfgang's Contender skin is a possible reference to Hulk Hogan, due to the bandanna and sunglasses.
  • The Wolfman Wolfgang is a references to The Wolf Man


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