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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Filter Icon

Survivor Items is a filter in the crafting menu for Don't Starve Together.

Craftable Items and Structures

Wilson Filter.png Wilson

Willow Filter.png Willow

Wolfgang Filter.png Wolfgang

Wendy Filter.png Wendy

WX-78 Filter.png WX-78

Wickerbottom Filter.png Wickerbottom

Woodie Filter.png Woodie

Wes Filter.png Wes

Maxwell Filter.png Maxwell

Wigfrid Filter.png Wigfrid

Webber Filter.png Webber

Warly Filter.png Warly

Wormwood Filter.png Wormwood

Winona Filter.png Winona

Wurt Filter.png Wurt

Walter Filter.png Walter

Wanda Filter.png Wanda

Blueprint.png Gallery