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Hey, uh... what library did Ms. Wickerbottom work at, anyway?

Willow, examining a bookcase.

A Bookcase is a structure added in Don't Starve Together and only craftable by Wickerbottom in her Survivor Items Filter. It requires one Feather Pencil, two Living Logs and four Papyrus to build. It allows to prototype most of her unique Books (with the exception of Sleepytime Stories and The End is Nigh!). It has twenty slots for storing her Books as well as the Cookbook and Papyrus.

It restores the durability of her books inside it at a rate of 1 % per 30 seconds. The restoration rate is double while a Wickerbottom is within a three turf cell radius of a Bookcase. The additional restoration rate does not stack with more than one Wickerbottom in range.

In addition, the Bookcase is a science station that unlocks Alchemy Engine level recipes for all characters.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Dewey Decimal System referenced in the item description is a system of library organization
  • During the beta testing of the Wickerbottom Character Update, it was possible to put Codex Umbra in a bookcase despite the fact that when looking at the Codex Umbra, Wickerbottom says: "I'm not letting THAT in MY library!". This feature was later removed in beta update 516063.

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