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Even more scienc-y than the last one!


Standing near this device will provide the survivor with new things they can craft.

Crafting something new for the first time gives a boost of 15 Sanity.

Once an item is crafted, the survivor will know how to craft that item even away from the machine.

-Scrapbook Description

The Alchemy Engine is the tier 2 Science station. It requires a Science Machine to prototype for all characters except Wickerbottom, and costs 4 Boards, 2 Cut Stones, and 2 Electrical Doodads to craft. Prototyping an Item using the Alchemy Engine will increase Sanity by 15.

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Higgsbury Red T-Shirt Icon.png Skins

  • The Loyal Arcane Crystalarium skin was awarded for watching 6 hours of Don't Starve Together on Twitch from November 26, 2020 to December 15, 2020. It is also available in the Klei Rewards shop for 1,200 Klei points.
  • The Woven - Elegant Alchemy Table skin was introduced in the An Eye for An Eye update in 2021, as a crossover collaboration with Re-Logic's Terraria. Its rarity was Inspired - Elegant initially, but received change in August 19, 2022.

Prototype.png Tips

  • An easy way to gather the crafting materials for an Alchemy Engine is to hammer down Pig Houses for Boards and Cut Stones, and to mine Gold Vein Boulders for Gold.
  • The Alchemy Engine is able to unlock Tier 1 items without the need for a nearby Science Machine, so it may be beneficial to break down the Science Machine for resources after building it.
  • Since Wickerbottom has Tier 2 items unlocked with the Science Machine, this machine is only necessary for crafting her book On Tentacles.

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