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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Tab Icon.

The Floors Tab is a crafting category exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found under the Renovate Tab.

Craftable Items and Structures

The following items and structures can be acquired in the Floors Tab:

Name Recipe Description Spawn Code
Marble Flooring.png
Marble Flooring
Oinc.png×15 "Buffed to a mirror polish." interior_floor_marble
Wilson Portrait.png
It's the floor.

Wilson, when examining Marble Flooring

Checkered Flooring.png
Checkered Flooring
Oinc.png×7 "Hear the echo of quality." interior_floor_check
Waxwell Portrait.png
This feels homey.

Maxwell, when examining Checkered Flooring

Slate Flooring.png
Slate Flooring
Oinc.png×10 "If it's good enough for city hall..." interior_floor_plaid_tile
Wheeler Portrait.png
Wish I had this for my balloon.

Wheeler, when examining Slate Flooring

Sheet Metal Flooring.png
Sheet Metal Flooring
Oinc.png×6 "What to do with your industrial metal." interior_floor_sheet_metal
Wagstaff Portrait.png

Wagstaff, when examining Sheet Metal Flooring

Wood Flooring.png
Wood Flooring
Oinc.png×5 "Hard wood flooring is always in style." interior_floor_wood
Wendy Portrait.png
Hard wood for a hard life.

Wendy, when examining Wood Flooring

Garden Stone Flooring.png
Garden Stone Flooring
Oinc.png×10 "A soft mossy feel." interior_floor_gardenstone
Willow Portrait.png
That's not going to burn.

Willow, when examining Garden Stone Flooring

Geometric Tiles Flooring.png
Geometric Tiles Flooring
Oinc.png×12 "Like a swimming pool." interior_floor_geometrictiles
Waxwell Portrait.png
Has some charm to it.

Maxwell, when examining Geometric Tiles Flooring

Shag Carpet.png
Shag Carpet
Oinc.png×6 "Fuzzy." interior_floor_shag_carpet
Wilson Portrait.png
Wipes the floor with the other flooring.

Wilson, when examining Shag Carpet

Transitional Flooring.png
Transitional Flooring
Oinc.png×6 "When you can't decide." interior_floor_transitional
Wilson Portrait.png
I 'wood' not say no to someone finishing this.

Wilson, when examining Transitional Flooring

Wood Panel Flooring.png
Wood Panel Flooring
Oinc.png×10 "Goes up less easy." interior_floor_woodpanels
Wilson Portrait.png
Totally floored.

Wilson, when examining Wood Panel Flooring

Herringbone Flooring.png
Herringbone Flooring
Oinc.png×12 "Stone flooring. A little fishy." interior_floor_herringbone
Wilson Portrait.png
Stone cold floor.

Wilson, when examining Herringbone Flooring

Hexagon Flooring.png
Hexagon Flooring
Oinc.png×12 "Not just for bathrooms." interior_floor_hexagon
Wilson Portrait.png
Totally floored.

Wilson, when examining Hexagon Flooring

Curvy Hoof Flooring.png
Curvy Hoof Flooring
Oinc.png×12 "Very avant-garde, for pigs." interior_floor_hoof_curvy
Webber Portrait.png
Ha ha! There's a pig foot!

Webber, when examining Curcy Hoof Flooring

Octagon Flooring.png
Octagon Flooring
Oinc.png×12 "Just elegance." interior_floor_octagon
Wilson Portrait.png
Geometric ton of flooring.

Wilson, when examining Octagon Flooring

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Spawning items and structures in this tab using the Console will crash the game.

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