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Reinforced Support Pillar

Wigfrid Portrait.png
A glöriöus mönument tö öur resilience!


Wendy Portrait.png
The cracks have started to show...


Wurt Portrait.png
Need rocks! MORE ROCKS!!


Willow Portrait.png
I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for falling rocks again.


Reinforced Support Pillars are needed to protect the area from falling objects during an earthquake. Initially, you need to craft a Pillar Scaffold, and then put 40 Rocks into it. After they've been fully built or repaired, Pillars withstand 10 Earthquakes before losing durability. The Pillars lose 1 durability for every earthquake it prevents from dropping falling debris around itself, which will show visibly on the Pillar as big cracks. The player can choose to repair it by inserting Rocks into it, with the amount depending on how damaged the pillar is. If a Shadow Rift is currently active, it will also block Cave-in Boulders for no extra cost.

When hit by a Hammer, each hit results in 1 Earthquake of durability loss, which means that from full durability, it takes 50 hits to fully break a Support Pillar.

Reinforced Dreadstone Pillar

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Mighty pillar is mighty... and little bit scary.


Wanda Portrait.png
Everything breaks down over time. Well, most things anyway.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wortox Portrait.png
The Pillar of Dread looks rather dead, hyuyu!


Reinforced Dreadstone Pillars are obtained by learning one of the blueprints dropped from Nightmare Werepig, after defeating the Ancient Guardian. Dreadstone Pillars work similarly to Support Pillars, but are much more resilient as they can regenerate their durability every 2 days. It has the same 10 Earthquake grace period before it starts cracking, which is also regenerated over time. Realistically, the player would not need to repair it manually by inserting Dreadstone into it, as it would regenerate enough while it's not withstanding earthquakes, but if the Dreadstone Pillar is ever damaged enough for it to be destroyed, the player will need to repair it by inserting 40 Dreadstones, as in this stage it does not regenerate durability.

While the Dreadstone Pillar is in a damaged state and repairing itself, it has a negative Sanity aura within a radius of 8 wall units, with the intensity of the drain depending on the player's distance to the Pillar. The maximum sanity drain from its aura when standing right next to is around -10Sanity Meter.png/min.

For the Dreadstone Pillar to be broken by a player, a regular hammer is not sufficient. It can only be broken by a Brightshade Smasher or Woodie with the The Werebeaver III.pngThe Werebeaver III Skill. Each hit results in 1 Earthquake of durability loss. From full durability, it takes 50 hits with the Smasher or Werebeaver for the Dreadstone Pillar to break. The Dreadstone Pillar Wreckage left behind when it breaks also requires the aforementioned tools to be destroyed.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Reinforced Support Pillar was introduced in the Skill Spotlight: Wormwood, Wolfgang, Woodie update.
  • Before update 567776, they did not have a 90° model, and the Scaffold Pillar model did not have stones on the floor

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