Junk Pile

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Could it hide a surprise inside?


Junk Pile - is a structure that appear in Junk Yard. You can rummage through it and with some chance you will find useful items or mobs. At one landfill next to one of the Junk Pile, W.O.B.O.T. will definitely spawn.

If during a fight with Scrappy Werepig you leave the junkyard area, he may throw a pile of garbage at you, which, if it hits the floor, will leave a Junk Pile in its place.

Spider, Catcoon and Spider Warrior wich were found in Junk Pile will be immediately aggressive.

Drop Chance Items
57.14% Spider.png
28.57% Catcoon.pngMoleworms.png
25.00% Nothing
14.29% Spider Warrior.png
12.5% Log.pngRocks.png
6.25% Electrical Doodad.pngFrazzled Wires.png
3.125% Blueprint.pngGears.pngBoards.pngPotato.png

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