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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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It's holding up the roof.


Unimportant (Stone) Pillars are naturally spawning objects found in some rooms of Ancient Pig Ruins or Cave Cleft in the Hamlet DLC. While mining them with a Pickaxe, each hit will cause a brief Earthquake, similar to those naturally occurring in the Caves. After six hits, the Unimportant Pillar will be destroyed, causing an extended earthquake and leaving a useless pile of rock marking where it used to be.

During the earthquake, Items and Mobs (such as Moleworms) may fall from the ceiling. The end of the earthquake can cause nearby Suspicious Cracks to break, possibly revealing a hidden room.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The player is recommended to prepare a Light Source before mining Unimportant Pillars as there is a chance for hostile Mobs like Scorpions and Rabid Beetles to fall from the ceiling.
  • Armor is also recommended, as falling rocks will damage the player.
  • There is no effect to knocking down all of the pillars in a room, despite the quakes and falling debris. Ultimately, the name "Unimportant Pillar" proves accurate.
  • The chance to open Suspicious Cracks happens when the earthquake is finished, so the player mine an Unimportant Pillar in one room and quickly move to another while the shaking is still going on and open the cracks in the second room. This is a good way to check if there are rooms behind cracks without using resources like gunpowder or magnifying glasses.

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