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A small, but deep freshwater pond.


Ponds are small bodies of water that usually spawn in Grasslands, Forests, Marshes, and Ruins.

There are three types of Ponds: purple, green and blue. Purple Ponds appear in Marshes and spawn Mosquitoes at dusk and night. Green Ponds appear in Grasslands and Forests and spawn Frogs during the day. Blue Ponds are found in Ruins and contains Eels instead of Fish.

Using a Fishing Rod, Fish (in Common or Marsh Ponds) or Eels (in Cave Ponds) can be caught at any time of day. Fishing takes 4 seconds plus 4 seconds for each missing fish in the pond. All variations of Ponds contain up to 10 fishes/eels, and one fish/eel is regenerated every 160 seconds.

In Don't Starve Together, Ponds can be used to fill up Mosquito Sacks to make Water Balloons and to fill up Watering Can or Waterfowl Can.

After Shadow Rifts are enabled, Blue Ponds in the Caves form Nitre Formations during Acid Rain.

Frozen Ponds

Ponds will freeze in winter once the temperature is low enough, and when frozen, they won't spawn creatures. They also cannot be fished, though they can be walked over. If you run on it, you might slip.

Nire Pond

This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Shadow Rift.png Shadow Rift
After Acid Rain Cave Ponds will form Nitre Formations. It will also be possible to walk on it and you will not be able to fish.


Note: This is about a specific in-game object, for a list of plants in-game, see Plants.

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WX-78, when examining a Plant.

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Ancient flöra.

Wigfrid, when examining an Algae Plant.

Ponds spawn with 2-4 Plants along their banks, which can be examined separately. They cannot be picked, but they can be set on Fire to yield Ashes. The plants will grow back every Summer. Ponds found in the Ruins are surrounded by Cave Lichen that resemble Lichen instead of the normal plants.

Prototype.png Tips

  • When fishing, one should be wary of Frogs and Mosquitoes, as they are aggressive.
  • When fishing in a Marsh, it should be noted that the Marsh is also the native habitat of Tentacles and Merms
  • One may fish in Frog Ponds unbothered at dusk when the Frogs return to the water, and in the spring and fall when it is warm enough to thaw the Pond but not warm enough for Frogs to spawn. One may fish in Mosquito Ponds unbothered during the day, since Mosquitoes only come out at dusk/night.
  • Frog Ponds will sometimes show up in a small cluster. Pig houses can be built near/inside this cluster (preferably walled off) and the frogs will kill any pigs that spawn during the day but will not eat the meat. With this setup, Pig Skin and Meat can be collected regularly at dusk/night.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Frog Ponds and Mosquito Ponds were added in the A Little Rain Must Fall update, while the ones found in the Ruins were added in the Stuff of Nightmares update.
  • After burning the Plant or Algae, saving and reloading the game will cause them to reappear on the pond.

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