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Skeletons are the remains of other unknown adventurers who perished before the main character entered the world. They can occasionally be found in the wilderness, usually around Set Pieces, and often have random loot beside them. Skeletons can be struck with a Hammer to produce 2 Bone Shards.

When defeated, a Big Tentacle can drop one.

Only 100 skeletons can exist in the world at one time, and any new ones generated after will vanish and leave ash behind.

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In all DLCs, when the player dies, an identical skeleton with a special character examination quote will be left in that location with the player's items, implying that all set pieces are dead players. When examining their own skeleton, characters will say the following:

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Better him than... wait a minute!


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  • The model of the Skeleton is the same model as the unimplemented character Wilton found in the Don't Starve files.
  • The word 'Boon' means 'Favor' and given that skeletons make up the majority of boons, it's likely that this is a pun on the word "Bones".
  • There is a type of skeleton in Don't Starve Together that appears to have a Spear stuck in it, though when hammered, it does not drop a Spear.
  • Before the Quality of Life update, skeletons couldn't be struck with a Hammer to produce 2 Bone Shards in the base game.

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