Broken Clockworks

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Dead windup horsey.


Broken Clockworks are naturally spawning Structures that appear in the Ruins. The player can use 3 Gears to repair the Clockworks and spawn an allied chess piece, or destroy it with a Hammer.

In either case, a pile will drop the following loot:

Repairing will cause two rolls of the loot table, doubling the loot gained overall in exchange for the gears spent.

Taking into account the gear drops, the cost to repair each clockwork pile is 2.65 gears.

When hammered, there also exists a 10% chance that Lightning will strike and spawn a hostile Damaged Knight, Damaged Rook, or Damaged Bishop.

There are three different types of Broken Clockworks which spawn different types of clockworks with different probabilities, as indicated by the table below.

Type Damaged Knight Damaged Bishop Damaged Rook
Type 1 50% 50% 0%
Type 2 70% 0% 30%
Type 3 0% 70% 30%

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Repaired Clockwork Monsters will be allied, although they will turn hostile if struck with Lightning.
  • Each type of Broken Clockworks is made up of jumbled-up parts of the chess pieces that type can spawn:
    • Type 1 contains bishop's robe and head, and knight's head and bottom half
    • Type 2 contains rook's lower jaw and horn, and knight's head.
    • Type 3 contains bishop's robe and head, and rook's horn and leg.
  • In the singleplayer version, game code actually conditions the Thulecite loot on location - it's only dropped in Ruins.

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