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Hutch Danglefish, P.I.


Things can be stored in Hutch much like a treasure chest.

-Scrapbook Description

Hutch (Short for Hutch Danglefish, P.I.) is a following companion exclusive to the Caves of Don't Starve Together. Players can store up to nine stacks of Items inside him. He functions similarly to Chester and has almost identical stats, including a regeneration of 22.5 Health every 3 seconds, designed to regenerate its full life in a minute (2 segments). Similar to Chester and the Eye Bone, he is summoned with and will follow Star-Sky.

Similar to Chester and Packim Baggims, Hutch can transform depending on his current inventory. Unlike other portable inventory followers, Hutch does not consume the materials on transformation. He will also emit light if one or more Light Bulbs, Bulbous Lightbug, Glow Berries or Festive Lights are stored within him. These Light Bulbs will not be consumed and will spoil at their normal rate. Hutch will not leave the caves to go to the surface, and will instead wait for you in the caves where you left him.

As long as Webber is the one carrying Star-Sky, spiders will not attack Hutch. This does not apply to the Spider Queen, or the spiders spawned by her.

Spear.png Fugu Hutch

Fugu Hutch is a special version of Hutch. If both an item that can make Hutch emit light and a Spear, Battle Spear, Strident Trident or Glass Cutter are stored inside him, Hutch will turn into Fugu Hutch. In this state, anything that attacks Hutch receives 30 damage. Hutch will remain in this form until the Spear/Light loses all durability or is removed.

One-man Band.png Music Box Hutch

Music Box Hutch is a special version of Hutch. By placing both an item that can make Hutch emit light and a One-man Band in his inventory, he will transform into Music Box Hutch, providing a positive Sanity aura of +40/min until the One-man Band's durability is used up (up to 3 minutes).

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Hutch and Star-Sky, the item used to summon him, are possible references to the television series Starsky and Hutch.
    • A hutch is also a type of a shelving unit.
  • According to Wilson, Hutch's full name is "Hutch Danglefish, P.I."
    • P.I. usually stands for "Private Investigator". However, the Devs joked on a live stream that it could mean "Portable Inventory".
  • With his fins, teeth, and glowing protrusion, Hutch appears to be based on a deep sea anglerfish.
  • Fugu is Japanese for pufferfish.
  • Fugu Hutch can be used to deal with the Baby Tentacles produced by a Big Tentacle.

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