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Simple creatures. They exist only to sleep and feed.


The Slurper is a creature found only in the Ruins, in Wilds, Village and rarely in the Mushtree Forest biome. It attacks by rolling to and biting the target and then jumping up and engulfing the player's head with its mouth.

Slurpers are not renewable in the base game of Don't Starve.

A Slurper equips itself as an item in the head slot, draining Hunger at a rate of 1.7 per second or 5 every 3 seconds (about ten times faster than normal hunger drain). Previously equipped headgear will be dropped to the ground when the Slurper attaches itself, regardless of whether or not the player has free inventory slots. It makes a constant "slurping" noise as long as it's attached, hence its name. While attached on a head, the Slurper gives off about the same radius of light as a Miner Hat. A Slurper that is not attached to a character will give off about as much light as a dropped Light Bulb. The source of the light is its eyes, which are made of Light Bulbs.

A Slurper may also attach itself to the head of a Bunnyman or Pig. Since neither Bunnymen nor Pigs have "hunger" implemented in the same way as the player, a Slurper attached to one of these creatures will drain approximately 5 health per 2 seconds instead. A Bunnyman who loses too much health from a Slurper will flee until it regains health or the Bunnyman dies. Despite the fact that Splumonkeys may also wear hats, Slurpers do not target them.

Slurpers can easily be removed by attempting to unequip them from the head slot with the mouse. They always drop two Light Bulbs when killed and sometimes also a Slurper Pelt.

Brain.png Behavior

Slurpers will actively hunt down the player by charging at them in a straight line, dealing damage to a struck target, followed by a lunging attack attempting to latch onto the player's head. If successful, it will begin to drain hunger from the player until removed or the player dies.

Although a Slurper may attach itself to a Bunnyman or Pig, it will always try to attach itself to the player first, and it will only go for other targets if the player cannot be targeted (e.g. if the player is out of its attack range). Slurpers will attack followers even if they are not able to latch onto them. They will attack any monster (Spiders, Tentacles, Clockworks, etc.) located around a half screen away, but they will not attempt to latch onto them.

It is possible for a Slurper to attempt to attach itself even if one is already feeding on a target's head. This will "drop" the already-attached Slurper and replace it with the new Slurper.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In Don't Starve Together, Slurpers will respawn when the Ruins regenerate, which will occur after killing the Ancient Fuelweaver, causing the Ancient Gateway to destabilize and cause an explosion that will trigger after 3 minutes. This makes Slurper Pelts renewable as the newly spawned Slurpers can be killed again.

As of the Forgotten Knowledge update, Slurpers are considered monsters and are naturally targeted by Bunnymen, Pigmen, and Depth Worms. During the Nightmare Phase of the Ruins, Shadow Splumonkeys also attack any Slurper in sight.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Slurpers can be brought to the surface while attached to a player's head. They cannot break walls, and therefore can easily be kept as pets that provide an almost infinite light source.
  • Despite covering the character's head, an equipped Slurper will not prevent the player from eating, or reading if playing as Wickerbottom or Maxwell, or shaving their beard if playing as Webber or Wilson.
  • Caution is advised when encountering Slurpers together with Splumonkeys due to the fact that Slurpers cause equipped headgear to be dropped to the ground when they attach themselves. Dropped headgear will quickly be taken and equipped by Splumonkeys unless picked up immediately.
  • Slurpers that are aggro-ed will attempt to attack the player's original position so the player must move to a new position and land a total of 2 hits and repeat the process.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Slurpers were added in the Hungry For Your Hunger update and are the reason why this update was dubbed so.
  • Before the The Stuff of Nightmares update, Slurpers dropped Beard Hair instead of Slurper Pelts, and they spawned in Caves instead of the Ruins.
  • Using the Teleportato while a Slurper is on the player's head will bring it into the next world.
  • Slurpers don't appear to suck the food out of their target's mouth. It's possible to see the player character's mouth when a Sluper is latched on. Also, the player character can still eat and talk while the Slurper is attached. WX-78's quote implies that they suck the food through their victim's noses.
  • Slurpers may be a reference to Facehuggers from the Alien franchise, which attach to their victim's face and eventually lead to their death. In one movie, Facehuggers were found underground in some ancient ruins, similar to the in-game Slurpers.
  • In the beta of the Forgotten Knowledge update, Slurpers attacked each other due to them being tagged as monsters. This was fixed in the final release.[1]

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Slurpers can latch onto Woodie's Werebeaver form despite the Werebeaver having no item or equipment slots. With an attached Slurper, the Werebeaver will appear to be missing limbs, usually his head and tail but sometimes his arms.
  • Slurpers sometimes do not display their sprite if they are in a world when it loads or when frozen by an Ice Staff. They can still be tracked by the light they emit when they are awake, however.

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  1. Slurpers attack each other via Forum user Electroely: "Noticed slurpers attacking each other. That's not normal and it could mess with player-made slurper pens, so I did some investigation. Turns out the latest patch made slurpers considered monsters, and since slurpers target monsters they'll target each other." Response by Scott Hansen: "Thanks for reporting, it will be fixed in the beta hotfix". Posted on October 20, 2020.