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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Masked Pig is a Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC, which can only be found in a Pig Town and its surrounding area.

As his clothing suggests, this Mob is a thief and will immediately become aggressive toward the player upon spawning if there is at least one Oinc in their inventory.

Brain.png Behavior

If Oincs are present in the player's inventory, the Masked Pig will start to follow the player, stopping occasionally like a spy would to avoid notice (a specific tune will be played at that moment). Once close enough to the player, he will charge and attempt to hit the player.

If the Masked Pig manages to land a hit, any type of Oincs in the player's inventory will be dropped individually on the ground. Each fallen Oinc will then have to be picked up one by one quickly, as the Masked Pig or any nearby Royal Guard will begin to steal them. Landing a hit on the Masked Pig will distract him from picking up coins and cause him to flee.

Generally, if attacked, the Masked Pig will immediately jump backwards to dodge subsequent attacks, then flee. Its running speed is higher than the player's running speed, which make it difficult to catch up to it. After about 10 seconds without being hit, the Masked Pig will use a smoke bomb to vanish, taking any stolen Oincs with it.

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Prototype.png Tips

  • A useful method for killing enemy is to use Blow Darts gathered after disarming dart traps in the ruins. Three successful hits will take it out.
  • Another useful method to beat the Masked Pig is to trap him into a group of Royal Guard members. It will be difficult for this Mob to dodge every attack, and once it has been hit once, this fight can alert other Pigs who will come to help.
  • Care should be taken if the Guards kill the Masked Pig with Torches as the Swashy Hat will burn by default. Nevertheless, the Bandit Stash Map has a good probability to not burn if picked up before the fire spreads to it.
    • If one is only willing to loot the Bandit Stash Map, the player can simply attack the Masked Pig with a torch, and it will run back and forth in panic like most mobs. It is very easy for player to kill such a target, as any mob in such a state won't attack player as often or run in straight opposite direction.
  • A Masked Pig won't search for Oincs in the chests or backpacks.
  • After getting hit by a Hanging Vine or a Poison Dartfrog he will drop the Bandit Stash Map, this means that if the pig city is close to the Deep Rainforest or Lily Pond the player can get the map without needing to kill the bandit.
  • Only one Masked Pig can exist at a time in a world.
  • Like other mobs, the Masked Pig's path finding methods will keep them walking into a Wall that's part of an enclosure holding an Oinc. A very cheap method of dealing with the bandit is therefore to build such an enclosure, lead the bandit close, and getting them distracted. Subsequently, build Walls around the distracted bandit, blocking off any escape routes. Once built, the blocking walls only need to be knocked down and repaired when trapping another bandit. Player should be wary of building such enclosures close to Royal Guards, as these will become similarly distracted, posing a Fire hazard during Dusk and Night.
  • If not equipped to kill the Masked Pig, let Royal Guard chase it, as there is a chance that it will be killed. This may be a bug where off-screen section is not updated properly for the Masked Pig to keep running/disappear after getting hit by Royal Guard[Verification Needed].

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