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Wolfgang make friends with bright little fishies.


The Skittersquid is a neutral Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

Skittersquids have a chance to appear close to Ocean Fishes. The number and spawn rates depend on the Moon Cycle. They spawn the most during the New Moon. When killed, Skittersquids will drop one Monster Meat and have a 100% chance to drop a Light Bulb.

Brain.png Behavior

Skittersquids can travel both on land and in the Ocean. Skittersquids will produce light while their eye is open. When attacked, Skittersquids will launch globs of ink at players to obscure their vision, and do a spinning blade attack.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Skittersquids were introduced in the Hook, Line, and Inker update.
  • Skittersquids allow Light Bulbs to be obtainable on servers with Caves disabled. 
  • Wickerbottom's quote for Skittersquid literally translates to "Luminous Squid". 
  • Skittersquids might have been inspired by the Haploteuthis ferox from the short story "The Sea Raiders" (H. G. Wells, 1896).
  • When a Skittersquid blinks, the light disappears.

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