Clay Varg

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Year of the Varg icon.png Year of the Varg

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A terror cotta monster!


Clay Vargs spawn from Suspicious Dirt Piles like normal Vargs do if there is an activated Varg Shrine in the world. They will appear as a statue surrounded by twelve Clay Hounds and will wake up if a player approaches them and stays in front of the Clay Varg for an extended period of time. Clay Vargs have the same health and fighting stats as normal Vargs, but will drop 4-6 Red Pouches instead of Monster Meat. They additionally drop 1-3 Hound's Teeth.

Unlike normal Vargs, Clay Vargs are unable to summon Clay Hounds or regular Hounds. They cannot be set on fire or put to sleep.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • According to Rhymes with Play #179, the reason that the new Clay Hounds and Vargs in the event are earthen-themed is because the developers discovered that the Chinese lunar year that the event was held in (2018) was associated with the element of earth.

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