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A Doydoy is a passive Mob in Don't Starve: Shipwrecked. It is a large blue and green colored bird that drops Meat, Drumsticks, and Doydoy Feathers when killed.

World generation places two Doydoys in the world, usually on separate islands. These islands are usually mostly jungle, but contain a rounded beach section with some withered Grass Tufts and Saplings. In order to produce more Doydoys, they must be picked up and brought to the same location. It is not recommended to kill them before they breed, as doing so will prevent obtaining more than 4 Doydoy Feathers, and limit access to other resources they drop.

Baby Doydoys dropped in the Ocean will sink and die. Adult and teen Doydoys will float when dropped over water.

Brain.png Behavior

Doydoys sleep at night, like Beefalo. When asleep, they can be picked up. While in the inventory, they need to be fed periodically to prevent them from starving to death. They can be fed basic materials (Grass, Sticks, Logs, Rocks), and most foods except Doydoy Eggs. While in the inventory they can be murdered by right-clicking. When not in the inventory, they do not need to be fed, and they do not starve. When dropped, Doydoys will stay asleep for a few seconds, so they can be picked up again and relocated.

It tends to eat nearly everything; it will eat dropped food items on the ground, foods on Farms and Berry Bushes, and foods out of Crock Pots. It even eats Gems and Rocks, but not Jungle Tree Seeds. The only edible items they do not eat are their own eggs and Rot.

Looting a Doydoy Nest gives an edible Doydoy Egg, which can be cooked and can rot. Hatched Doydoys have an age cycle, similar to Tallbirds, including a baby stage and a teen stage. Doydoys do not react if their nest is looted. When attacked, it does not attempt to flee, instead acting as if the player does not exist at all.

Killer Bees and Spiders ignore Doydoys completely even when entering a Spider Den's sticky webbing. However, Snakes, Dragoons and Crocodogs do attack Doydoys. To maximize the chance of keeping Doydoys alive, they should be kept away from these mobs.

Doydoys take 1 blast from the Ice Staff to be frozen and 1 Sleep Dart to be put to sleep.

Doydoy Egg.png Breeding

Every 2–3 days, the world attempts to pair two Doydoys, causing them to mate. If no Doydoys are close to each other, or there are already 20 Doydoys in the world, then no mating occurs.

Mating involves a ten-second dance, in which one Doydoy will start to scream, alerting nearby players, after which the Nest is made. If left alone, the egg hatches from the nest after two days, producing a Baby Doydoy, which can only be fed seeds. After two days, the Baby Doydoy will grow into a Teen Doydoy, which can be fed seeds or vegetables. After only one day as a teen, the Doydoy will grow to an adult and be able to be fed anything. Doydoys that aren't in the inventory do not need to be fed.

When two Doydoys mate, there is a 20% chance for a single Doydoy Feather to drop.

Krampus.png Naughtiness

The amount of Naughtiness given by killing a Doydoy varies greatly depending on how many Doydoys remain. Note that nests with eggs in them count towards the Doydoy population.

Doydoys remaining Naughtiness
1-2 50
3-4 10
5-10 4
11-20 1

The volcano is considered a separate world from the main islands. A pair of Doydoys can be taken into the volcano and killed, causing your naughtiness to rise instantly to 50 per kill. The game thinks that there are only two Doydoys alive and thus spawns the Krampus despite there being Doydoys in the mainland. This can be used to farm Krampus easily.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Breeding Doydoys is strongly advantageous to the player's survival as they supply mixed Meat items, and Doydoy Feathers which are used to craft the Feather Lite Sail and Tropical Fan. The feathers are also a significant offering to the Volcano Altar of Snackrifice.
  • When a Doydoy is first found, it is prudent to scout the island for potential threats if the player intends to leave it there as they are known to wander about and are easily killed. Notable threats are Viney Bushes that spawn snakes, Krissures and Tallbirds, mating Water Beefalo, Flups, Poisonous Holes, Merms, and Wildbores/Werepigs.
  • Wood Fences can be used to keep Doydoys from wandering around. However, most hostile mobs such as Spiders and Dragoons will target and attack fences, so they should be placed away from them.
  • Player-made flooring such as Wooden Flooring can be used to protect penned Doydoys from Lureplants and keep puddles from spawning during Monsoon Season as Poison Mosquitoes will attack Doydoys and deal AoE damage if given the chance.
  • Hammering a Doydoy Nest gives the player 2 Twigs, 2 Manure, 1 Cut Grass and 1 Doydoy Feather. This provides the player with a source of feathers without needing to kill the birds.
  • Caution should be exercised when dropping items around Doydoys as they will eat nearly anything edible, including rare foods such as Mandrakes, Eyes of the Tiger Shark, and even Guardian Horns.
  • Doydoys placed inside a Bundling Wrap are not counted towards the total population. By keeping all but two Doydoys wrapped and then killing them as needed, players can summon Krampus easily without the need to travel to the volcano.
  • Doydoys can be killed by repeatedly feeding them raw Monster Meat or Red Caps without raising the player's naughtiness level. Punching them with your bare fist several times will reduce the amount needed.
  • When mousing over Doydoys, "attack" is replaced with "examine". The only way to attack and kill a Doydoy is to force-attack (default CTRL + F on PC) This was likely done to prevent players from accidentally killing Doydoys when they are nearing extinction.
  • Doydoys can be fed Rainbow Jellyfish to glow while held.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Based on their name, appearance and passive nature, the Doydoy is the Don't Starve version of the extinct flightless bird known as the Dodo.
    • Real life dodos also lived in islands known as Mauritius, they were hunted down by humans until they became extinct in the 1600s.
    • Its colors also somewhat resemble the Nicobar pigeon, which is the dodo's closest living relative.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • When Doydoys are enclosed in a small pen, with one of the sides facing the ocean, it is possible for a Doydoy to be pushed out and onto the shore after the mating process, making it walk on water.
  • After the Quality of Life update, Doydoys won't eat Cut Grass and Twigs.

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