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The Red Cap is a Vegetable food item that can be harvested from Red Mushrooms or Red Mushtrees. Eating it raw will restore 12.5 Hunger Meter.png at the cost of 20 Health Meter.png, making it unviable as a food source for every character except for Wormwood. However, it can be used as a Crock Pot filler without any health penalty. Red Caps can be dropped on the ground to indirectly damage Mobs if they eat it.

Cooked Red Cap

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Cooked Red Cap is a Vegetable Food item made by Cooking a Red Cap on a fire (Campfire, Fire Pit, or a Dwarf Star). Unlike its raw counterpart, the Cooked Red Cap will not deduct any health points, instead restoring 1 Health Meter.png. However, it will now take away 10 Sanity Meter.png instead, while restoring no hunger. The Cooked Red Cap can also be used as fuel.

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In the Shipwrecked DLC, Red Caps can be obtained by using the Slot Machine.

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  • Red Caps damaging Mobs that eat it is especially useful when dealing with Gobblers as 3 Red Caps in a stack can kill one Gobbler, providing Drumsticks. 13 Red Caps fed to Beefalo in a row will kill it without attracting attention of the herd.
  • Wormwood can eat Red Caps to gain easy Hunger, as he doesn't lose Health when eating them.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Red Cap's appearance and toxicity is likely based on the Amanita muscaria which contain a toxin that causes hallucinations and intoxication.

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