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Dry, crumbly, sustaining.


Lichen is a Food item in Don't Starve. It is classified as a Vegetable, and can only be obtained in the Ruins by harvesting Cave Lichen. Lichen cannot be cooked at a Fire PitCampfire, or Star Caller's Staff, but it can be used as an ingredient in a Crock Pot. Lichen regrows after 5 days.

Lichen can be eaten raw and restores 3 Health Meter.png and 12.5 Hunger Meter.png, at the cost of 5 Sanity Meter.png. The Sanity penalty can be avoided by using it in a Crock Pot instead. The Unagi recipe for the Crock Pot specifically requires Lichen, however, Lichen can also be used as a filler. Lichen spoils very quickly and becomes Rot 2 days after being harvested.

As of the Eye of the Storm beta, Lichen can be fed to Beefalo and Pigs.

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