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This one's a bit shrivelly.


A Lesser Glow Berry is a Fruit Food Item found in Don't Starve Together. It is obtained by picking a Mysterious Plant in the Caves. It takes 4 days for a Lesser Glow Berry to regrow. It restores 3 Health Meter.png and 12.5 Hunger Meter.png at the cost of 10 Sanity Meter.png. The Lesser Glow Berry can be considered to be a weaker variant of the Glow Berry.

When used as fuel for Moggles, it will only restore 6.25% durability. A Lesser Glow Berry will also cause any creature that consumes it, including BunnymenPigsSplumonkeys, Gobblers, and Critters, to glow. The intensity of the glowing light decreases over time and will extinguish 60 seconds after consumption. If dropped on the ground, it will glow, similar to a Light Bulb. It emits enough light to prevent an attack from Charlie.

Warly can use two Lesser Glow Berries to make Glow Berry Mousse in the Portable Crock Pot.

Cookbook.png Recipes

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Fillers cannot be Meat or Twigs.

Prototype.png Tips

  • A Rabbit is the only eater of Glow Berries and Lesser Glow Berries which can be put in the player's inventory. Since the glow remains after being put in inventory, a rabbit in inventory allows even Wigfrid players to utilize these berries.


  • Character quotes for the Lesser Glow Berry are found in the game files of Don't Starve, implying that it may have been a planned feature for the original game.
  • The spawn code for the Mysterious Plant is "wormlight_plant".

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