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I hate those things, even when they're dead.

Wilson, when examining a Batilisk Wing.

A Batilisk Wing is a Meat Food Item dropped by Batilisks when killed. It can be cooked to make a Cooked Batilisk Wing or dried on a Drying Rack for 2 days to give Small Jerky. It can be traded to the Pig King for a Gold Nugget. It is also the essential item in crafting the Bat Bat.

They can also be used as a Crock Pot ingredient with a 0.5 Meats value.

Cooked Batilisk Wing

Webber Portrait.png
Tastes like chicken.

Webber, when examining a Cooked Batilisk Wing.

Cooked Batilisk Wing is made by cooking a Batilisk Wing over a Campfire, Fire Pit or Dwarf Star. It cannot be used in the Crock Pot. However, it can be given to Pig King for a Gold Nugget. When cooked, the amount of health and hunger that it restores slightly increases, the sanity penalty is eliminated, and it spoils more slowly. It provides the same amount of health as small jerky and fills more hunger making it slightly better if sanity is not needed at the moment plus being quicker to make than small jerky.

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In the Hamlet DLC, Vampire Bats will drop an item called Batilisk Wing? (question mark included). It looks identical to the regular Batilisk Wing. Both types of Batilisk Wings will combine together in one stack. The Batilisk Wing?'s spawn code is "vampire_bat_wing".

Pogs and Snaptooths will eat Batilisk Wings left on the ground.

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