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A Glow Berry (not to be confused with a Lesser Glow Berry) is the glowing lure of a Depths Worm, dropped as loot upon its death. When eaten, it restores 11 Health Meter.png and 25 Hunger Meter.png but reduces Sanity Meter.png by 10.

A Glow Berry will also cause any creature that consumes it, including Bunnymen, Pigs, Splumonkeys, Prime Apes and Gobblers, to glow. The intensity of the glowing light decreases over time and will extinguish 90 seconds after consumption. If dropped on the ground, it will glow, similar to a Light Bulb. It emits enough light to prevent an attack from Charlie.

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In all DLCs, Glow Berries can be stacked up to 10 in the player's Inventory.

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Glow Berries can be used to craft Moggles. Additionally, they can be used to refuel Moggles, extending their durability by 33%.

In the Hamlet DLC, Glow Berries can be bought for 20 Oincs at 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium.

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Pigs glow after eating Glow Berry.
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