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Wilson Portrait.png
What a Wascally Wobster.

Wilson, when examining a Wobster.

A Wobster is a catchable sea creature found in the Shipwrecked DLC. Wobsters spawn from Wobster Dens, which house one Wobster each. Wobsters are nocturnal, and will only come out at Dusk, will stay out all through the Night, and will retreat back to their dens when the next day begins. Players who get too close will also cause them to be scared and go back to their dens.

They can be caught using Sea Traps or a Trawl Net. They are attracted to Limpets, which can be used to bait the trap to improve chances of catching them. Leaving them caught in a trap will cause them to starve to death in 1.5 game days, dropping one Rot instead. Wobsters that have been dropped on land by the player will not move and will die after a short amount of time.

When caught alive, they can be used in Crock Pot recipes. As inventory items, they can be murdered by right-clicking them to produce a Dead Wobster. The dead version can only be eaten raw or cooked, and cannot be used in Crock Pot recipes.

Wobsters take 1 blast from the Ice Staff to be frozen and 1 Sleep Dart to be put to sleep.

Dead Wobster

Wendy Portrait.png
It's met its maker. I've met my lunch.

Wendy, when examining a Dead Wobster.

A Dead Wobster is obtained by right-clicking on a live Wobster in the inventory. It can be cooked over a fire, but cannot be used in the Crock Pot.

Delicious Wobster

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Dinner is served!

Wickerbottom, when examining a Delicious Wobster.

A Delicious Wobster is obtained from cooking a Wobster at a Campfire, Fire Pit, Chiminea, or Dwarf Star. It cannot be used in the Crock Pot.

Prototype.png Tips

  • To restore a live Wobster in the inventory to full freshness, it can be fed any food in the fish or meat category (including Monster Meat and Jellyfish). It can also eat Blubber or Eggs but not any Fruits or Vegetables.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Being able to only use live Wobsters in the Crock Pot is a reference on how lobsters are often cooked in real life as they are put in boiling water alive.
  • The name, as implied by Wilson's quote, may be a reference to the Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd's way of speaking, particularly when he refers to Bugs Bunny as a "Wascally Wabbit".
  • Wobsters were introduced to Don't Starve Together in the She Sells Sea Shells update. While the Wobsters retain their name from Shipwrecked, they have a darker coloration, and the two Wobster recipes that were ported from Shipwrecked were renamed as Lobster Bisque and Lobster Dinner.
  • Despite being caught in the same way as other ocean fish, being aquatic, and giving fish value in the crockpot Wobsters do not give Wurt a sanity regen effect for having one in her inventory, however a dead wobster does give the sanity draining effect from dead fish.

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