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The Suspicious Peeper is a hostile monster created by Eggs Of Terror, which are spawned by the Eye of Terror and the Twins of Terror.

Brain.png Behavior

Suspicious Peepers attack the nearest animal or monster they can find, similiar to Hounds. Unlike Hounds, they do not attack Walls. When not engaged in fighting, Suspicious Peepers wander around aimlessly, eating any Meat items left on the ground and ignoring other food items like vegetables. If it is night time, they simply go to sleep when not doing anything else.

When targeting a mob, they taunt for a short amount of time before attacking the mob. They rush forward and bite their target with their sharp teeth.

Spear.png Fighting

Suspicious Peepers can be kited by walking to the side. They can be stunlocked like Spiders.

One can also bring other mobs near the Eggs from which the Suspicious Peepers hatch and they will attack due to their aggressive nature. However, the Eye of Terror's high damage charge attacks can easily kill the mobs used for distraction, thus making this strategy fail quickly.

Egg of Terror

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Spawned by Eye of Terror. After some time it will spawn a Suspicious Peeper.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Suspicious Peepers are introduced in An Eye for An Eye update as collaboration content with Re-Logic's Terraria.
  • Suspicious Peepers are based on the Servant of Cthulhu in Terraria.
    • In Terraria, Servants of Cthulhu (Suspicious Peepers) are only spawned by Eye of Cthulhu (Eye of Terror) but not by The Twins (Twins of Terror).
  • See Also: Servant of Cthulhu (Terraria)

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