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Weevoles are Mobs introduced in the Hamlet DLC, which spawn in Tall Grass fields at Dusk and Night.

They are aggressive mobs and will attack if the player gets too close. They attack by charging at the player from roughly one tile away. This attack can easily be avoided by running.

If they get low on health, they'll bury themselves in the ground and resurface few seconds later, though Pog can attack them while they're underground.

When they die, they drop Weevole Carapace, which can be used in the Crock Pot to make Hard Shell Tacos or to craft the Weevole Mantle.

They will eat any plant related items left on the ground by the player. Those include: Cork, Grass, Grass Tuft, Berry Bush, Sapling (item), Logs, Boards, Evergreen Sapling and Seeds.

Weevoles can be caught in Traps, killing them instantly and rewarding Weevole Carapace when harvested.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Player may want to create their own Weevole infested grass in a location more suitable for their needs. To do that they just need to plant the grass, keeping in mind that Tall Grass will grow (and not require fertilizer) on turfs Plain, Rainforest, Deep Rainforest or Dense Turf. Each time Tall Grass regrows, the game attempts to infest it. The chance is higher, the more tall grass is around within 3 turf tiles. Each grass increases chance to become infested by 1%. It means that 100 grasses within 3 tiles will grant 100% chance for any of the 100 grass to become infested as long as there is no other infested grass nearby. The easy way to do that would be planting 25 grass in one tile making sure there are no other grass within 3 tiles. When they regrow each of the 25 grasses will have 25% chance to be infested. The infested grass will stay infested as long as it is not harvested or destroyed in any way.
    File:Weevole "farm".jpg
    Example of Weevole "farm" with a bait in the center

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The name Weevole is a portmanteau: Weevils are a family of beetles, and a vole is a small rodent.