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That thing's hankering for a bite of my boat!


The Cookie Cutter is a Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. They can be found in the Ocean around Salt Formations. They drop Monster Meat and occasionally Cookie Cutter Shells when killed.

They slowly swim up to Boats, jump on it and drill a hole in 3 seconds, resulting in a boat leak that drains 1 Boat Meter (DST).png/s.

They are neutral towards the player. If attacked, they will fight back, delaying the drilling process during the time of the fight. If they are killed before the end of the drilling, no leak is formed.

When a Cookie Cutter sees a boat nearby, it alerts other Cookie Cutters nearby itself, causing those Cookie Cutters to swim towards the boat as a group.

After drilling they go back into the water and stay neutral for 30 seconds. They take 90 seconds to respawn.

They will feed on Logs, Boards, Twigs, Living Logs, Boat Fragments and Driftwood Pieces left in the water, leaping out of the water and eating one item per jump. They seem to prioritize items left in the water over boats.

It is possible to dispatch Cookie Cutters without risking damage to one's boat by luring them away from the Salt Formations and into deeper water where they will drop out of sight and no longer pose a threat.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Cookie Cutters were introduced in the Salty Dog update.
  • Their name and their "drilling bite" are inspired by the cookiecutter shark, which itself was first discovered due to causing damage to U.S. submarines with their bite.
  • Their name and behavior of eating boats is also likely a reference to the way boats in Don't Starve Together somewhat resemble cookies, being large discs with irregular brown patterning

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