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Another life cut short.


Pipspooks are passive Mobs that can be found near Headstones. They have a chance to appear close to a Headstone every day if there is no other Pipspook nearby. The chance of appearing is 5%, increasing by an additional 5% for every Wendy in the server after the first.

Wendy can assist Pipspooks to obtain Mourning Glory.

Mourning Glory.png Assisting

Each Pipspook has 3 to 5 Lost Toys associated with it. A Lost Toy only appears visible when Wendy is close to it and assisting a Pipspook, as getting away from it will conceal it. When the Lost Toy is far away, the Pipspook indicates the direction it's in with its movement when it slowly approaches Wendy. When a Lost Toy is close, the force of the pulse on the head of the Pipspook indicates the proximity of it, with larger pulses corresponding to being closer.

It's important to note that the pulse on the Pipspook's head gets more intense as Wendy gets closer to the toy, and not the Pipspook itself.

When a Lost Toy is found, the Pipspook rewards Wendy with 1 Mourning Glory for the first lost toys and 4 Mourning Glories for the last one. The Pipspook disappears when the last lost toy is found.

Melty Marbles.png Haunted Toy

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There's something unnatural about that thing... wouldn't ya say, Luce?


There are 10 Lost Toys, each of which looks like an existing trinket. Players cannot interact with them.

Trinket Lost Toy Name Code
Melty Marbles.png Lost Marbles "lost_toy_1"
Fake Kazoo.png Sentimental Kazoo "lost_toy_2"
Ball and Cup.png Prized Ball and Cup "lost_toy_7"
Second-hand Dentures.png Missing Teeth "lost_toy_10"
Lying Robot.png Cherished Toy Robot "lost_toy_11"
Leaky Teacup.png Mother's Favorite Teacup "lost_toy_14"
Toy Trojan Horse.png Treasured Toy Trojan Horse "lost_toy_18"
Unbalanced Top.png Favorite Spinning Top "lost_toy_19"
Toy Cobra.png Misplaced Toy Cobra "lost_toy_42"
Crocodile Toy.png Beloved Crocodile Toy "lost_toy_43"

Gramophone.png Quotes

Pipspooks make a noise when they appear:

  • "ooOOoo",
  • "OOoo",
  • "OoOoOoO"

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Pipspooks were introduced in the Wendy Character Update as part of the character overhaul for Don't Starve Together.

Gramophone.png Sounds

The giggling of a Pipspook when a toy is found.