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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after opening the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift

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Looks like an invasive species to me.


Deadly Brightshades are hostile Mobs exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. They are the byproduct of Brightshade Gestalts infecting certain Plants:

Once a Lunar Rift reaches its third stage, it chooses a number between 4 and 6; this is how many Brightshade waves it sends out before it closes. If a Lunar-mutated boss (Armored Bearger, Crystal Deerclops, Possessed Varg) is killed while the Rift is active, the number of waves decreases by 1.

Three Brightshade Gestalts are sent in each wave from the Rift, 2 days apart. Brightshade Gestalts prioritize infecting transplanted plants as well as Farm Plants before any natural plants. They target one of the 5 largest groupings of said plants that hasn't been infected yet, attempting to infect plants very close to each other if possible.

Brightshade Gestalts cannot infect any plants within a 7.5 Tile radius of a Deadly Brightshade that existed prior to the current wave.

Brain.png Behavior

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Some aggressive pruning might be in order.

Maxwell, when examining a Tunneling Vine

A Deadly Brightshade attacks by spawning a single Tunneling Vine, which which weaves in and out of the ground towards nearby players or other targets. While the Tunneling Vine is alive, the main body of the plant retaliates upon taking damage, dealing 100 physical damage and 30 Planar Damage and causing a large Knockback to anything next to it, except for other Brightshades and Tunneling Vines.

Tunneling Vines have 200 HP. When tunneling past a certain distance from the Deadly Brightshade, they sometimes leave behind a much larger segment of vine that cannot attack, but can be damaged. When the Tunneling Vine is destroyed, its corresponding Brightshade's bud opens, and does not retaliate when attacked for 9 seconds. The Brightshade begins shaking after roughly 5 seconds pass, to indicate that the stun is ending soon. After 9 seconds pass, the Brightshade immediately retaliates, closes (thus restoring its retaliating behavior), and spawns another Tunneling Vine.

Both Deadly Brightshades and their Tunneling Vines have Planar Entity Protection, and thus physical damage from weapons is less effective against them. For example, a Dark Sword deals 41 damage instead of 68, and a Brightshade Sword deals 32.99 physical damage and 30 planar damage instead of 38 and 30 respectively.

When killed, a Deadly Brightshade drops 2 Brightshade Husks and 2 Leafy Meat.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Neither the Deadly Brightshade nor the Tunneling Vine drop Souls for Wortox.
  • Because the retaliation effect has a short range, long-distance weapons such as Blow Darts or Walter's Trusty Slingshot can damage the main plant without retaliation.
  • The retaliation effect of the main plant will harm any mob nearby, potentially turning aggressive mobs against the Deadly Brightshade. Large numbers of mobs with weak individual attacks such as Bees will die quickly, but large mobs with slow high-damage attacks such as Treeguards can fight effectively against the plant if the player pits them against each other.
  • Because the Brightshade deals a large amount of armor-piercing/planar damage, this makes them very dangerous to combat for characters with low HP, such as Maxwell or a very old Wanda.
  • The Brightshade Armor set can be obtained after defeating a few Deadly Brightshades, which can drastically reduce the damage Deadly Brightshades do along with partially piercing their planar entity protection with the Brightshade Sword.
  • Because planar entity protection increases in effectiveness the stronger a hit is, a full stack of 40 gunpowder is not enough to instantly kill a Deadly Brightshade.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Deadly Brightshades were introduced in the Taking Root update.