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The Hippopotamoose is a neutral Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It resides in or around the Lily Pond biome, entering and exiting the water at its leisure. It remains neutral toward the player until attacked.

If one Hippopotamoose is attacked, nearby Hippopotamoose will become hostile and approach the player. They have a close range bite attack, as well as a long-range jumping slam attack which can knock down Trees and uproot Tall Grass, Saplings, bushes and other plants, and destroy walls.

When moving through the water, they cause small Waves to appear, which can make the player wet and damage their Boat.

Hippopotamoose roam in "pairs" and reproduce periodically (1.5-2 days) as long as at least one remains.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Like the Ancient Guardian, the Hippopotamoose shares the same animation model as Clockwork Rook. Unlike them, the Hippopotamoose does not attack by charging.
  • The Hippopotamoose is a combination between a hippopotamus and a moose.

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