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A nice hat is always a clear indicator of who's in charge.


The Prime Mate is a Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together, Introduced in The Curse of Moon Quay update.

A Prime Mate appears as part of a Pirate raid, wielding a Battle Paddle which it uses to move the boat. On death it will drop 1-2 Tree Jams, their Battle Paddle, a Captain's Tricorn, a Pirate Map, a Meat, an Accursed Trinket and a Banana Shake (20% chance).

Brain.png Behavior

The Prime Mate is the captain of a pirate crew that raids the player's boat. He wears a Captain's Tricorn hat on his head, which allows the Pirate Sloop to take half the damage from collisions and reduces the speed of the boat's durability loss by half. In peacetime, it can be tamed like pigs. It feeds on plant foods, but can also accept meat from the player once it has been tamed. It equips the armor and weapons given by the player.

Prime Mates will not let anyone (except for Monkeys) step on their boat, attacking any intruders that step on it.


  • The name "Prime Mate" is a pun on word "primate", and possibly on the term "first mate", a position on ship crews.

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