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The Bulbous Lightbug is a passive Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It spawns from a special variant of Light Flowers found in the Lunar Grotto biome.

Bulbous Lightbugs emit light with a small radius. They follow players that have other Bulbous Lightbugs in their inventory. Up to 3 Bulbous Lightbugs can follow the same player. They stop following if they are attacked or if the player drops all the Bulbous Lightbugs in their Inventory.

If a Bulbous Lightbug dies or is too far away from its spawn point, the corresponding Light Flower takes 12 days to respawn another one.

The Bulbous Lightbug can be caught with a Bug Net. It starves in 2 days unless fed with Vegetables or Light Bulbs.

Dropping a captured Lightbug will free it.

Lunar Cultivator II.pngWormwood's Bulbous Lightbug

Wormwood with the Lunar Cultivator II skill can summon a Bulbous Lightbug at the cost of a Light Bulb and 10 HP. Wormwood can summon a maximum of 6 Bulbous Lightbugs at a time.

Unlike regular Bulbous Lightbugs, these are smaller and their bulbs are green. They create light and orbit around their summoner. One summoned Lightbug allows Wormwood to avoid damage from Darkness; however, two or more are needed to negate the sanity loss from it.

After 20 minutes (2.5 in-game days), or if killed, they turn back into a Light Bulb. These creatures cannot drop souls.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Bulbous Lightbugs can be brought to the surface via the Inventory. Once released, they will hover around a specific area indefinitely, providing an infinite light source as long as they are not killed.
  • Bulbous Lightbugs can make excellent pets: they provide infinite light as stated, can be kept in the inventory, circle around the player, and don't need to be fed, unlike the Mothling.

Placeholder.png Trivia

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • The player can combine stacks of Bulbous Lightbugs outside of their inventory, as if the free Bulbous Lightbug were a dropped item on the ground.

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