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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after opening the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift

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The Crystal Deerclops is a boss monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. It is the reanimated corpse of a regular Deerclops, possessed by a Brightshade Gestalt if a Lunar Rift is active in the world. Before the Brightshade Gestalt possesses the Deerclops Corpse, it can manually be lit on fire using a Torch, Fire Staff or similar to prevent the fight, similar to Horror Hounds.

The Crystal Deerclops is one of three lunar-mutated bosses which must be killed to complete the Grainy Transmission quest, upon the completion of which the player receives an empty Spark Ark.

Brain.png Behavior

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Deerclops

Outside of battle, the Crystal Deerclops behaves identically to Deerclops, with the exception that it does not target and destroy structures.

Attack Pattern

When Crystal Deerclops is in combat, it cools the space around itself. With each step, an aura of ice appears and remains under its feet until it moves again, which gives 3 freeze stacks per second, but never fully freezes creatures or players. If a player steps in the aura, it slows them down and instantly lowers their temperature to -2 degrees, which causes Freezing damage. Additionally, players in the aura are targeted by the Crystal Deerclops with its melee area-of-effect attack, which is similar to the regular Deerclops; however, it is much harder to dodge as the player is slowed down. This attack freezes players instantly, then the next attack on a frozen player causes a large Knockback.

The Crystal Deerclops also has a new attack: while the player is a certain distance away from the Deerclops, it remains stationary and rips one of two ice crystals from its back and throws them at the character. A telegraph in the shape of a circle appears at the area where the crystal will land. Characters that do not move out of the circle fast enough take damage and are instantly frozen. This also makes them susceptible to the next crystal attack, which causes them to get flung away from Crystal Deerclops.

After Crystal Deerclops uses both of its ice crystals, it goes through a short animation to grow them back. If Crystal Deerclops is set on fire while it lacks both of the crystals on its back, its eye crystal is broken and it is stunned for a short period of time, which also gets rid of the aura of ice around it for the duration of the stun.

Once Crystal Deerclops recovers from a stun, its eye crystal and ice aura do not immediately come back, and it enters a "Frenzy." During Frenzy, Crystal Deerclops can combo its melee attack up to 3 times in quick succession, following its target's movement. Crystal Deerclops can still regrow its back crystals and use ranged attacks as normal.

The boss cannot be stunned by fire again until it leaves Frenzy, which it only does after it receives 1200 damage. The minimum time for Frenzy is 12 seconds even if players deal more than 1200 damage faster. As Crystal Deerclops leaves Frenzy, it regrows its eye crystal and regains its ice aura, and is once again vulnerable to the aforementioned stun.

Spear.png Hunting

While Crystal Deerclops can be kited in a similar manner to regular Deerclops, it is not recommended; due to its aura of ice, players in melee range take constant Freezing damage and are slowed down dramatically.

The recommended strategy is to use Fire. By baiting the Crystal Deerclops's ranged attack twice then lighting it on fire, preferably at range (with weapons like the Fire Staff, Fire Dart, or Fiery Pen), the boss becomes stunned and open to attacks for several seconds, after which it recovers and continues the fight. However, players must be quick to light it on fire, as when the Deerclops has started the animation to grow back its ice crystals, it cannot be stunned until both ice crystals are used up again.

Crystal Deerclops possesses Planar Entity Protection; thus, planar weapons such as Brightshade Sword and/or Shadow Reaper, or even Brightshade Bombs are highly recommended for this fight over weapons such as the Dark Sword, Ham Bat, or Gunpowder, which are normally recommended to defeat the regular Deerclops. Additionally, since Crystal Deerclops deals Planar Damage, using Armor with Planar Defense is recommended.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Crystal Deerclops was introduced in the Host of Horrors update.
  • The Winter's Feast Deerclops can also transform into Crystal Deerclops after its death.

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