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The Grass Gator is a mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in the Waterlogged beta. They function similarly to the Beefalo, but spawn from Great Tree Trunks. When killed, Gators drop 2 Cut Grass, 2 Twigs and 7 Leafy Meat. The Great Tree Trunk will respawn a new Grass Gator in about 2 minutes.

Brain.png Behavior

Grass Gators do not live in herds, however nearby Grass Gators will also attack if one of them is harmed. They are unable to be befriended and run away from the player, similar to a Koalefant. If they enter any water deeper than shallow, they will dive under the water and emerge back in the Waterlogged biome, producing waves.

Grass Gators will drop one Twig every half a day, making them an automatic source of twigs if they are telelocated to a pen for easier gathering, similar to a Grass Gekko farm.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The old, unused version of the Grass Gator was first found in the Don't Starve: Newhome beta files.
  • According to Rhymes With Play #282, the Grass Gator is related to the Grass Gekko.
    • According to the same RWP, Grass Gators live in the Great Tree's canopy but, due to their natural clumsiness, they tend to fall from it.


  • Grass Gator do not sleep at night when located 40 unit near its Great Tree Trunk.
    • All mobs with nests are programmed to choose to return to the nest at bedtime instead of sleeping in place when near the nest (like Spider or Pigman), while the Grass Gator has Great Tree Trunk as its nest, it cannot enter this nest, so it can neither return to the nest nor sleep when near the Great Tree Trunk.

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Ageless Watch.pngHistory

  • 590113:Fixed Grass Gator’s shallow water finding logic.
    • Unstated change: The distance the Grass Gator first moves has been reduced from 25-30 to 15-20 units.