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W.I.N.bot is a robot that can be crafted only by Winona with the "Founder's Keepers I" skill. To unlock the blueprint, the Winona player needs to use a Calibrated Perceiver on the W.O.B.O.T.

W.I.N.bot can be carried like an item in the inventory and be taken into the Caves. Only Winona can deploy the W.I.N.bot to work. Once deployed, W.I.N.bot will collect nearby items from the floor and put them in a Chest if any of the Chests already contain one of the collected items. This also works for almost all other containers like Scaled Chests, Ice Boxes, Salt Boxes, Chester, Tin Fishin' Bin and all kinds of Backpack. However, it cannot put items into the Magician's Chest or Shadow Chester. It can only collect one kind of item at once and only up to the item's stack limit, so reaching the limit will force it to store the stack before collecting the next stack or other items.

W.I.N.bot operates in a radius of 3.75 tiles (15 wall units) from the point it was deployed. W.I.N.bot will switch to sleep mode if there is nothing to pick up, and reactivate when there is. 

When W.I.N.bot is working, its charge will decrease. When W.I.N.bot reaches 2% battery, it will return to its deploy point. If its deploy point is in range of a Winona's Generator or Winona's G.E.M.erator, it will slowly get recharged. It will not reactivate automatically until it has recharged at least 50% of its battery.

Prototype.png Tips

  • W.I.N.bot does not get affected by Rain or Wetness.
  • If Winona deploys the W.I.N.bot near Winona's Generator or Winona's G.E.M.erator, W.I.N.bot can work and recharge itself. Although other Characters cannot deploy the W.I.N.bot, a well placed W.I.N.bot can still help other Characters pick up stuffs.

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