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The Deck Illuminator is a craftable Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together introduced in Return of Them. It is found in the Seafaring Filter and requires 1 set of Boards, 2 Ropes and 4 Flint to craft, and a Think Tank to prototype.

The Deck Illuminator can be deployed on a Mast or Winged Sail. It is mutually exclusive with the Lightning Conductor. It provides up to 6 minutes of light and can be fueled with the same efficiency as a Campfire. Unlike Fire Pits, Wavey Jones will extinguish it instantly no matter how much Fuel it has, rather than reducing it by one stage at a time.

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Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Belongings#Deck_Illuminator

In Don't Starve Together, Skins can be applied to certain items to change their appearance. Information on how to obtain specific skins can be found on the Belongings page.

  • The Loyal Shellbound Deck Illuminator skin was awarded for watching 6 hours of Don't Starve Together on Twitch from November 18, 2021 to December 2, 2021.

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