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My bag of chef's tricks!


The Chef Pouch, also known as the Spice Pack, is a character-specific item that Warly begins the game with. He can also craft it from the Survival Tab using Cloth and Rope.

It has eight inventory slots and acts similarly to an Insulated Pack, items inside will spoil two times slower. Despite slowing the spoilage of Food Items, the Chef Pouch does not completely work the same way as an Ice Box. Unlike the Box, the Chef Pouch will not stop the spoilage of Hail, Ice, and Ice Cubes and will not be able to freeze a Thermal Stone. It can also carry items other than perishables.

It cannot be placed in the Inventory and will be dropped on the ground when not equipped. Any Item clicked on a Chef Pouch which is on the ground will give the 'Store' option, allowing the pack to be filled without equipping it. It is flammable. Although it looks like a hat, the Chef Pouch is equipped on the body slot.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Chef Pouch was added in the Eye of the Tiger Shark update to Shipwrecked.
  • Prior to the Release The Quacken update, the Chef Pouch only had four inventory slots.
  • When the player begins a Don't Starve game as Warly, the Chef Pouch is actually dropped nearby, implying that it is supposed to go into the player's Inventory, but fails, as backpacks cannot be held in the Inventory.

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  • you can get the chef pouch as any character using the teleportato, but every character (not including Warly) has no quote for it (needs checking if it works with maxwell's door too) (when ermining a item without a quote a character says it's...a thing)