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A masterpiece takes time.


Warly is one of the four playable Characters introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. Warly is the ninth character to be unlocked via Experience, requiring 2560 XP to become available. On July 25, 2019[1], Warly was added to the roster of Don't Starve Together as the third character refresh[2] and is available for free to all Don't Starve Together players.[3]

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin

Maman Angeline's memory leaves her most days, but sometimes, when the taste of one of her old recipes hits her tongue, something sparks and she remembers... even if only for a few moments. Warly promised himself he would always be there for the times she shined through the clouds, and cooks her his favorite dishes from childhood each night in hopes of getting the chance to visit with dear old maman.

–From the official description for Taste of Home.

The animated short Taste of Home revealed Warly's past. Before entering the Constant, Warly lived with his Maman Angeline. Maman Angeline had a form of dementia, which prevented her from recognizing Warly. She sat in a rocking chair with a blank look on her face. Warly entered the house and played her music from the gramophone, which she tapped her finger to. He cooked her Mussel Bouillabaise, one of her old recipes from his childhood. Once she took a bite of his food, Maman Angeline's memory came back and she smiled at Warly, finally able to recognize him. After enjoying the meal and seeing Warly, her memory faded again. Warly took the empty dish to the kitchen, but suddenly the gramophone began to play distorted music, and Warly disappeared, presumably being sendt to the constant. Maman was then left alone in the house.

His biography presented in DST's Compendium adds more details to his backstory:

Warly left a promising career as a sous chef in Paris to return home and care for his aging mother Angeline, whose memory had begun to deteriorate. His world soon revolved around telling her stories about her life, playing her favorite music, cooking the recipes she had taught him when he was young... all in the hopes of catching that spark of recognition in her eyes. As time went on and Angeline's moments of clarity became fewer and farther in-between, Warly became more desperate, willing to try anything to bring back his beloved Maman... That was when he first started hearing the voice on the radio.

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  • Warly was added to Don't Starve: Shipwrecked in the Eye of the Tiger Shark update on January 14, 2016. He was the second Character to be added to the DLC during its Early Access phase.
    • Before being implemented, he was known as Wastien in the game's speech files.
  • Warly's voice is played by a steel drum.
  • His old nickname was "The Chef", and his old motto was "Bon Appetit!"
  • In the game files, the code for the Coffee recipe is seen in Warly's file, meaning that at one point coffee was intended for Warly only.
  • Like most other characters, Warly has bones shown in his hair when he is struck by lightning.
  • Warly is the fourth character from a Don't Starve DLC to be added to Don't Starve Together after Wigfrid, Webber, and Wormwood.
  • In DST, his side sprite and character select portrait were given visual updates.
  • In DST, Warly can use Willow's Lighter to cook food.
  • Warly has a DST-exclusive idle animation in which he deeply sniffs a waft of air.
  • Warly's skull was found in the DST files as of May 6, 2021.
  • Warly's quote in Carrat costume is a reference to the Year of the Carrat event
  • The Candy Man Warly might be a references to Dean Corll


  • Warly is shown to be able to speak French. For example, whenever eating something made in a Crock Pot he says "Magnifique".
  • Warly worked as a sous chef in paris before returning home to take care of his mother. This explains his tendency to speak French.
  • Warly seems to be superstitious, as suggested from inspecting the Umbrella item: "I will try to remember not to open indoors." This is also evidenced by him saying, "I hope it does not rain after I kill you!" when attacking a spider.
  • Warly's region of origin could be implied by his voice instrument. The steel drum was created in Trinidad and Tobago of the West Indies in the Caribbean (An area well known for its history of piracy). Additionally, he could have roots in Louisiana due to his quote for Seafood Gumbo: "Incredible! Just like Nana used to make!"
  • In his quote for the Boomerang, Warly states that he has separation anxiety. An individual affected by this experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home and/or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment (e.g., a parent, caregiver, significant other, or siblings).
    • This follows a theme established in his animated short Taste of Home where it is revealed he has been separated from his mother.
  • His examination quote for Volt Goats reveals that he once owned a goat.
  • His quote for the Ukulele reveals that he either plays or enjoys lute music.
  • Warly seems to have once worked on a ship, given his quote for the Glass Castle ("Reminds me of the ice sculptures in the ship's dining hall.").
  • Warly's birthday is listed as July 25 in the Compendium. July 25, 2019 was the day Warly was added to DST.


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