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The Scaled Furnace is a craftable Structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It can be found in the Light Sources Filter, Structures Filter and Cooking Filter after the player obtains the Blueprint by either killing the Dragonfly or as a random drop from Loot Stash, after killing Klaus. It can then be crafted using 2 Red Gems, 10 Charcoal and 1 Scales. The Furnace provides heat in a wide radius (which can quickly overheat the player), and light in a very small radius, and allows the player to cook Food. Currently, this structure affects the player in the same way as the Magma Pools found in the Desert biome, except it won't set the player on fire. The heat from a Scaled Furnace radiates heat 2 tiles as opposed to a single tile from a Campfire or Endothermic Fire (pit or non-pit versions).

It also has 4 cells in which you can put almost any item. By putting item there you can destroy them. You cannot use it as storage. If you put a living creature there and destroy it, you will receive some points of naughtiness. Also burning a creature or Living Log will cause them to scream. You can also put Thermal Stone there and wait a bit. In this case, the Thermal Stone will heat up.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Placing Thermal Stones next to the Scaled Furnace is a great way to heat them up efficiently, especially since its heat lasts forever.
  • A fully fuelled Campfire will heat a thermal stone hotter than the Scaled Furnace.
    • However, 2 Scaled Furnaces next to each other will heat a thermal stone better than a Campfire.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Scaled Furnace was added in the Warts and All update.
  • In the Rhymes with Play stream it was revealed on, it was accidentally read as "Salad Furnace". "saladfurnace" has been added alongside it as an easter egg, and is in fact just a green reskin of the Scaled Furnace.
    • It can be spawned by entering in the command c_spawn ("saladfurnace").
  • It used to be unable to cook food before update 191674.
  • There are unused quotes within the game files for when the Furnace's fire is high, normal and out, as well as when it has been damaged by a hammer. These could be either leftovers from when it was supposed to work with fuel or planned features.
    • Additionally, these also reveal it was meant to be refueled by Red Gems.
  • A Scaled Furnace can ripen Saladmanders.

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