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Something to hold back the night.


A Torch is a portable Light Item in Don't Starve. It can be crafted with 2 Cut Grass and 2 Twigs, and is available from the start of the game.

Torches burn (and as a result loses durability) while equipped, providing a source of light for the player. A Torch will last for 75 seconds (2.5 in-game clock segments). In Rain, a Torch may burn up to 150% faster depending on precipitation rate. It also provides a small amount of Warmth (to slow Freezing).

To equip and use a Torch, right-click it from the inventory. As long as the player is holding the Torch, it will burn with a consistent intensity and illuminate a small area around the player.

Dragging a Torch over objects such as Trees, Spider Dens, or Beehives and right clicking, or equipping a Torch and right clicking on such objects, will light them on fire. If the burning object contains creatures like a Beehive does, they will exit the structure when it is set ablaze. Burning objects will ignite other nearby objects (or creatures), possibly spreading to cause massive fires.

In addition to providing light and setting entities on fire, Torches are used in the following crafting recipes.

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In the Reign of Giants DLC, Torches will not be affected by Rain if the player is sheltered. It no longer provides warmth.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Torches are affected by Strong Winds, causing their durability to deplete much faster than normal. In addition, Torches can be used to make Boat Torches.

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  • If the player does not have enough Torches to keep Charlie away for a whole night, they can light a tree or other burnable object on fire and then unequip the Torch until the object has burnt out, extending the lifetime of the Torch's fire.
  • Another option is to "flash" the Torch (equip the Torch and unequip it immediately) every several seconds right before Charlie attacks to keep her at bay. However, Sanity drains faster in complete darkness and the Torch loses durability faster, so this trick is not free to use and not recommended in place of a real fire.
  • If a newly crafted Torch is held in brief intervals, it will stay at 100% durability. If held too long, the torch will drop to 99% at which point the trick cannot be done. (Note that this trick does not work in Don't Starve Together)

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The game files have contained code for a Torch's capability to give off warmth ever since Winter was implemented, however this code has never actually been used.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • The sound which plays while holding a Torch (the fire whooshing sound as the player moves around) may continue even after unequipping the Torch. Saving, exiting, and reloading the game seems to fix this.
  • If the night is short enough, it is possible to hold a Torch and go to sleep in a Bed Roll; when the player wakes up, the Torch will not lose durability until it is re-equipped.
  • If the player uses a Bed Roll while holding a Torch, the sleeping animation will be normal, but the Torch will disappear and the flame will float over the player's head, absent of the stick.
  • Due to a code error, striking a Mob with a Torch won't set it on fire. If Shipwrecked or Hamlet DLC is enabled, this problem can be fixed. In Don't Starve Together this has already been fixed.

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