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The Lantern is a portable, refuellable light source that can be either equipped or placed on the ground to provide light. It requires 2 Light Bulbs, 3 Twigs, and 2 Ropes to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. The Lantern at full durability has the same light radius as a Miner Hat, therefore it is ideal for spelunking.

Once crafted, the Lantern lasts 8 minutes before it must be refueled with either Light Bulbs, Fireflies, or Slurtle Slime. Fireflies will refuel it for 39%, which will last for 180 seconds, a Light Bulb refuels for 19%, which will last for 90 seconds, and Slurtle Slime fuels for 9.5%, which will last for 45 Seconds. Like a Fire Pit, as fuel is depleted, the light radius gradually becomes smaller. A Lantern does not disappear when its durability reaches 0%, however it needs to be refueled before it can be used as a source of light again.

The Lantern can be used as a weapon, but it will only deal as much damage as the character's fist (10 damage for normal damage multiplier characters).

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  • When the player is in the caves, the player can visit the Muddy biome from time to time to collect stocks of Lightbulbs to refuel the Lantern. Excess Lightbulbs can be used to craft more Lanterns if need be or be used as Rot when it expires.
  • In combat when there is complete darkness such as the Caves, the player can drop the Lantern down and free themselves of the Hand slot and use weapons in order to defeat any mob ambushes such as a single Depths Worm.
  • Leaving the Lantern down around Splumonkeys could be a fatal mistake as they will steal your source of light leaving you vulnerable to complete darkness as it is always dark in the Caves. Having enough resources to craft a second Lantern or having a second Lantern ready is always a safe option.
  • Unlike Torches, rapidly clicking an equipped Lantern does not lower its durability, so it can be an option for extending its fuel time.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Lantern was added in the Caves update.
  • This is the only light source that generates light both when dropped on the ground (like a Pumpkin Lantern) and held (like a torch), making it useful as both a static and mobile light source. If the player needs to free their hands (e.g. to hold a weapon), they can drop the lantern and the light won't go out, which is especially handy in the caves. It is also the only light source that can be manually turned off or on when placed on the ground.

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