Embalming Spritz

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Freeze the stage of a plant. This will make it unproductive, but also not attractive to parasites.

-Scrapbook Description

Webber Portrait.png
We're only allowed to spray it on plants.


The Embalming Spritz is an Equippable Item that can be used on plants in order to Scare or Wax them into a decorative state in which they do not produce any resources, but will never wilt, rot, change states, or be infested by Deadly Brightshades. Scared plants that can usually be dug up will still be able to be dug, however they will not stack and will continue to remain in the state that they were Scared in upon replanting.

It should be noted that one can Scare plants into what would otherwise be temporary states, forever, such as a Sapling permanently wilted from the summer heat, a Farm Plant permanently stuck in one of it's growth phases, or a Tree stuck in the initial sapling phase.


Wormwood Portrait.png
Screaming! Friends are screaming!

Wormwood, examining a scared Plant

If you try to cut down a scared tree, it will simply disappear.


All Plants that can be scared:


All Items that can be scared: