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It's a tragic fate, to be left behind by those you love.


The Crabby Hermit, or Pearl, is a Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. She can be found on the Hermit Island.

Players can perform tasks to help the Crabby Hermit in exchange for Shell Bells, Honey, Lures, Adverts, the Pearl's Pearl and exclusive access to the Bottle Exchange Tab.

Brain.png Behavior

The Crabby Hermit goes out of the Hermit Home during the day. She roams on her island, performing various tasks, mostly fishing. She will approach and comment while the player is performing a task. She is immune to any damage.

In worlds where daytime is turned off, she will roam her island regardless of the time of day.

Hermit Drying Rack.png Tasks

Beyond level 1, being in proximity to the Crabby Hermit grants access to the Bottle Exchange Tab. More recipes are unlocked at friendship level 3, 6, 8, and 9.

When a task is completed for the first time, the friendship with the Crabby Hermit increases by one level. Each task can be redone several times for extra Bundle of Thanks, but they will not grant extra friendship.

When friendship goes to levels 2, 4, 5 and 7, she gives the player a Bundle of Thanks. She also gives a Bundle of Thanks when a task is performed for the second time and for each of the following ones.

The color of the Crabby Hermit's speech is initially light pink. At level 4, the color changes to light magenta. At level 8, the color changes again to light purple, and players will see her as Pearl and her Hermit Home as Pearl's Place. At this point, she will also dance when a player performs the dance emote.

After completing 10 tasks, including all three of the Hermit Home upgrades, she will give the player the Pearl's Pearl.

The tasks players can perform for the Crabby Hermit are:

An Ocean Fish is heavy if it weighs more than 70% of its maximum weight from its minimum weight. Heavy fishes produce an extra examination quote when weighed with a Pocket Scale. The player can also simply try giving the fish to Pearl, and she will refuse the fish if it's not heavy. A Heavy Weighted Lure will only attract the heavy fishes within a shoal, saving the player time catching and weighing all of the fish. A Tin Fishing Bin will keep all Ocean fishes fresh until they can be shown to Pearl.

To finish Pearl's quests by early Spring in one trip without sea fishing by completing the three hermit home upgrades, flowers, drying, lureplant, underwater salvageables, rain, berrybushes and chair tasks, one will need to bring the following resources:

It's possible to complete her questline as early as the first Autumn by swapping out the Lureplant quest for the 5 heavy Ocean Fish quest. However, the player would have to replace the rain task with the seasonal fish task or rely on a rare Autumn rain, or force it to rain by using Telelocator Staves to increase the world's moisture level. This typically requires two staves.

Bottle Exchange Filter.png Bottle Exchange

Glommer's Flower.png See also: Bottle Exchange Filter

Below is a table of the levels of friendship required to unlock each of the Bottle Exchange Filter items.

Item Name Level Price
Bundle of Thanks.png Shell Bell Bundle 1 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Blueprint.png Pinchin' Winch Blueprint 1 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Blueprint.png Shell Beach Turf Blueprint 1 Empty Bottle (DST).png×3
Jet Quill Float.png Jet Quill Float 3 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Crimson Quill Float.png Crimson Quill Float 3 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Azure Quill Float.png Azure Quill Float 3 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Saffron Quill Float.png Saffron Quill Float 3 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Tackle Box.png Tackle Box 3 Empty Bottle (DST).png×3
Rainy Day Lure.png Rainy Day Lure 6 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Snow Day Lure.png Snow Day Lure 6 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Stupefying Lure.png Stupefying Lure 6 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Heavy Weighted Lure.png Heavy Weighted Lure 6 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Down Quill Float.png Down Quill Float 8 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Malbatross Quill Float.png Malbatross Quill Float 8 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Fish Food.png×3 Fish Food 8 Empty Bottle (DST).png
Spectackler Box.png Spectackler Box 9 Empty Bottle (DST).png×6

Bundle of Thanks.png Bundle of Thanks

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How... quaint.


Can be unwrapped to release items inside.

-Scrapbook Description

A Bundle of Thanks is given by the Crabby Hermit to reward tasks.

Bundle of Thanks contains 8 random Shell Bells (Soprano Shell Bell.png40%, Alto Shell Bell.png40%, Baritone Shell Bell.png20%), except at level 2 where there aren't any. It also contains 1 Honey if the Flower task has been completed.

At level 2, 4, 5 and 7 the Bundle of Thanks also contains one random Lure from the following: Rainy Day Lure, Snow Day Lure, Stupefying Lure and Heavy Weighted Lure, with a 25% chance each.

Bundle of Thanks.png Shell Bell Bundle

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Oh swell, a bundle of shells.


Shell Bell Bundle can be obtained in exchange for 1 Empty Bottle in the Bottle Exchange Tab of the Crabby Hermit.

Shell Bell Bundle contains 4 random Shell Bells with a 40% chance for Soprano Shell Bell, a 40% chance for Alto Shell Bells and a 20% chance for Baritone Shell Bell.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Crabby Hermit and the Bundle of Thanks were introduced in the She Sells Sea Shells update.
  • Based on the gifts she gives the player (along with her appearance, and the update that added her), she appears to be based on Mary Anning, a fossil collector, palaeontologist, and dealer who inspired the popular tongue twister "She sells seashells".
  • The name "Crabby Hermit" could be a play on Hermit Crab

Gramophone.png Sounds

Crabby Hermit's voice.
The musical stings that sound when a new level of friendship has been achieved.

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