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WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, examining neutral Scrappy Werepig

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He sure is in a sorry state.

Winona, examining buried Scrappy Werepig

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Nice piggie. Wolfgang can't remember last time eat bacon.

Wolfgang, examining hostile Scrappy Werepig

The Scrappy Werepig is a neutral Boss Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Scrappy Scavengers Update. After the Nightmare Werepig has been defeated, it can be found inside the Teetering Junk Pile, which spawns in the Junk Yard. After this, a neutral Scrappy Werepig will appear nearby, and a bunch of garbage will also fly out, which, when landing, can cause damage and sometimes spawn Junk Pile.

Scrappy Werepig has 20% Protection. Scrappy Werepig also has Teleport Override; if it is teleported by a Telelocator Staff, it will go back to the Teetering Junk Pile.

Brain.png Behavior

Initially, Scrappy Werepig is neutral to everything. But as soon as anything damages him, he will immediately become aggressive to only players. When he is aggressive, he will run up to the Teetering Junk Pile and start rummaging through it. After which he acquires 1 of 3 (or 2) tools. He can use each of the tools only 3 times, after which it breaks, and looks for a new one. If you run away from a fight and are near a Junk Yard, the Scrappy Werepig will start throwing pieces of garbage that, when they hit the ground, deal 30 damage and can leave a Junk Pile. Sometimes he can combine found weapons.

Scrappy Werepig Tool3 Model.png Junk Mace

If the boss acquires a mace, he will attack targets at a close range, dealing 125 damage and doing Knockback. It destroys stuctures, and loses 1 durability when hitting a player, a Junky Fence, a Junk Pile or the Teetering Junk Pile. He can hit targets 3 times before breaking and will not lose durability if nothing is hit.

The attack with this weapon does no damage to the Junky Fence.

Scrappy Werepig Tool1 Model.png Scrappy Pauldron

If the boss obtains a pauldron, he will try to shoulder bash its target. If the player is hit, it will take Knockback and receive 54.4 damage twice. He will destroy any structures while charging, and will lose 1 durability when hitting a player, a Junky Fence, a Junk Pile or the Teetering Junk Pile. He can hit a target 3 times before breaking, and it will not lose durability if nothing is hit. Scrappy Werepig will not charge at the player if it is too close the Teetering Junk Pile, only charging at very close range.

If hit, it will destroy any Junky Fences in his way.

Scrappy Werepig Tool2 Model.png Laser Cannon

If the boss finds the laser cannon, he will run towards its target, then stay still while charging up the cannon before firing. He can fire it 3 times before breaking, regardless of if it hits a target or not. The laser deals 180 damage and has an attack radius of 8.

Additionally, each time the laser hits the player, it will also increases their Sanity Sanity Meter.png by 10. Same as the Celestial Champion's laser.

The laser can only be found by Scrappy Werepig if the Celestial Champion be killed once.


After winning, the Werepig will fall to his knees and say that this is not the end. After that, after 10 days, you can find Nightmare Werepig again. If Nightmare Werepig was defeated again, after 10 days the Scrappy Werepig again in Teetering Junk Pile, however, when the boss is called again, it will immediately become aggressive.

Gramophone.png Quotes

Stuck in Teetering Junk Pile

  • "ME STUCK!"
  • "TOO HEAVY!"
  • "SO ITCHY."

Stuck and a Player is nearby

  • "HEY YOU!"
  • "HELP ME!"
  • "SO ITCHY."

Found a Weapon after rummaging

  • "ME LIKE."
  • "MINE."
  • "YES!"
  • "MORE!"
  • "NICE."
  • "OOH."
  • "MMM."

Found useless Junk after rummaging

  • "TRASH!"
  • "BLEGH!"
  • "USELESS!"

Being freed by a Player

  • "YES!"

Warning a Player rummaging Junk after freed

  • "ALL MINE."
  • "DON'T TOUCH."
  • "GET LOST!"
  • "NOT FOR YOU!"
  • "GET OUT!"

Attacking a character

  • "THIEF!"
  • "IS ALL MINE!"

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • In early in beta, the Junk Yard generation test was tied to the Lunar Island Baths, where it may have been intended to be generated.
  • There are many comments about lunar aligned in the Scrappy Werepig status file, and it seems that the developer intended it to be lunar aligned only in certain states.
  • According to the developers, Scrappy Werepig's laser cannon's technology based on the Celestial Champion's laser, rather than the Rifts.
    • This is explained by the fact that after defeating the Celestial Champion, Wagstaff extracts and studies its lunar essence. The laser cannon may be one of Wagstaff's many experiments, hence why it can be found in the Teetering Junk Pile by Scrappy Werepig after defeating the Celestial Champion.

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