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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Waxwell Portrait.png
You went nosing around places you shouldn't have, didn't you?

Maxwell, when examining the Nightmare Werepig while imprisoned.

Wilson Portrait.png
Freeing him might not have been my best idea.

Wilson, when examining the Nightmare Werepig after being released.

The Nightmare Werepig is a Boss Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Wilson Rework Update. It spawns in the Caves, inside the Muddy Biome (characterized by its Mud Turf and plentiful Light Flowers) two days after the start of a world. It appears to be a much larger and powerful variant of the Werepig.

Brain.png Behavior

The Nightmare Werepig can be found starting from day 2 in the Caves. The boss spawns ensnared by shadow chains between three Cracked Pillars and asks to be released. To do this, the outer Marble layer needs to be mined off of each pillar with any pickaxe, then the player must make each exposed pillar vibrate at the same time with a hit from a strong mining tool. The ones that currently apply are:

After all pillars are shaking at the same time, the Nightmare Werepig breaks free from its chains. However, its torment does not end there.

"Phase 0" / Parasitic Shadelings

After being freed from the chains, the Nightmare Werepig is constantly attacked by small Parasitic Shadelings and is invulnerable to other attacks. The shadow creatures have 100 health and 6 movement speed. Like other shadow creatures, they can only be attacked at low Sanity. The pig is constantly fighting shadows and can inflict 12.5 damage to anything in the crossfire. To start the fight proper, a player must go below the survivor's insanity threshold and kill the parasites after they are thrown off the boss. The Nightmare Werepig has a -800/min insanity aura during this phase to make this easier. After all Shadelings are killed, the fight begins.

Phase 1

The Nightmare Werepig attacks via a powerful lunge that deals 75 damage and knocks the target on the ground, which forces them to waste time getting back up. This attack will also dismount a player riding a Beefalo. To dodge the lunge, the player should run diagonally towards the Nightmare Werepig. For example, if the Nightmare chases the player downwards, the player should run diagonally up just before the jump. This attack will be easier to dodge with a Walking Cane or other speed boosts active. Between sets of jumps, it will walk slowly until the next set, which it will start running directly at the survivor. During this break, you can rotate the camera to a more comfortable angle to prepare for the next round. This attack is used throughout the fight, so it's important to learn how to dodge it properly.

The Nightmare Werepig has a fatigue stat that changes based on the success of its attacks. When it misses an attack, its fatigue is increased by 1, but when it lands an attack successfully, it is decreased by 1.5. Fatigue also decreases passively, with one unit after 20 seconds and then again after 10 seconds when out of combat. When the boss's fatigue reaches 3 units (3 misses), it falls to its knees and rests its paws on the ground, eliminating fatigue but allowing the player to deal significant damage. However, if you do not attack the boss while it is resting, it will rapidly regenerate 20 health units every 0.4 seconds. This state will last between 5 and 10 seconds. Successful dodging is very important in order to keep the fight short.

Between series of jumps, the Nightmare Werepig stops running around the battlefield and begins to "stalk" the player, continuously following a player with its eyes and turning its head following their movements. While stalking, it regenerates 10 health every 0.4 seconds. In addition to healing during combat, the boss also regenerates 25 health per second if the character moves far enough to end the fight. After losing half its health, the boss enters its second phase.

Phase 2

In the second phase, the boss begins to almost exclusively use a ground slam that deals 112.5 damage and leaving behind a short lived Antlion-like sinkhole with a radius of 3 units. Notably, the boss does not get fatigued from ground slam attacks, and may attack a player for as long as they remain in range and the attack is not on its short cooldown. Baiting these slam attacks from the boss is the only way to destroy the Cracked Pillars, which give 3-4 Dreadstone each.

If the player is keeping their distance from the boss, they will begin "stalking" once more, healing rapidly. If players allow the boss to do this for enough time, it charges at a player with its lunge attack. After being reduced to 25% health, the boss enters its third and final phase.

Phase 3

Phase 3 simply consists of the boss lunging at the player, interchanged with the recently introduced ground slam attack. Additionally, the boss will follow up any successful lunge attacks with a ground slam, and attack nearby players with a ground slam immediately after its fatigue ends. As the boss will begin using primarily the lunge over the slam, this phase can be handled near identically to phase 1, dodging the boss' lunges and attacking when it is fatigued.


After defeating the boss, it does not die, instead falling exhausted and warning the survivor that the fight isn't over. After a few minutes, the boss (and pillars if they were not destroyed) will disappear. On defeat, it drops 4-5 units of Pure Horror, 1 Nightmare Fuel and the Rare Blueprints for Dreadstone Armor, Dreadstone Helm, Dreadstone Wall, and Dreadstone Pillar. After disappearing, the Cracked Pillar set piece and Nightmare Werepig reappear in the Muddy Biome after 20 in-game days.

Prototype.png Tips

  • If players do not use the Nightmare Werepig to destroy the Cracked Pillars, they will not receive Dreadstone for completing the fight, resulting in the fight having become substantially less worth doing. As such, they should make sure to lure the boss towards the pillars once it starts using its slam attack.
  • During phase 2, it can be difficult for players to get damage on the Nightmare Werepig, particularly if one is facing the boss alone.
    • Attempting to trigger lunges out of the boss and fatiguing it is inefficient, as it will heal from all of the damage the player could possibly do after finally fatiguing it.
    • The best strategy for a single player is to trigger a slam attack, run directly backwards from the boss to dodge the attack, then run directly back towards the boss and land 2-3 hits before it runs away. Doing this prevents the player from getting stuck in the ensuing crater while still allowing for an opportunity to damage the boss without it healing. Alternatively, the player can walk to the side to avoid the attack even when walking on the sinkhole, although this is more difficult. Since the boss plays the damage taken animation and quickly runs away if hit during the last 9 frames (assuming 30 fps, 18 frames if 60 fps, 0.3 of a second) of the slam animation, it is recommended to stop attacking it during the last 9 frames of the animation and only attack it after the animation fully ends, which will result in the boss immediately doing another slam instead of running away. This is much harder to do in the third phase, because the boss will run away after the slam even if wasn't attacked before, during or after the slam, leaving much less time to hit the boss before it gets out of the player's range.
  • Fighting the Nightmare Werepig on beefalo can be difficult, as lunges will dismount the rider. If the beefalo attacks the boss after dismounting, it will quickly die. To prevent this, keep the beefalo's obedience as high as possible to mount immediately after being hit.
  • It is recommended to do this fight sometime around the player's first few expeditions to the Ruins/Caves, as the difficulty of the fight is comparable to Ancient Guardian and the rewards are relatively modest, if not disappointing if done much later on.
  • Cooked Green/Blue Caps, Banana Shakes, or other methods of regaining sanity quickly is recommended for the fight, as the player is required to lower their sanity to get through the first phase. The boss also has a very high negative sanity aura, which combined with the passive sanity drain of the Caves can quickly result in players being attacked by Shadow Creatures mid-fight. Alternatively a Nightmare Amulet can be used to engage in Phase 0 without decimating sanity.
  • Light sources should be considered prior to starting the fight.
    • A Star Caller's Staff is the easiest way to keep the area illuminated. As a Pick/Axe is required to even begin the fight, players may want to create a Star Caller's Staff in addition while in the Ruins.
    • While the player is likely to find a large open area containing many Light Flowers nearby, these will flicker on and off mid fight and as such will occasionally plunge the player in darkness.
    • As usual, Campfires, Miner Hats, and Lanterns can be used, though these may be dangerous to use as they all require fuel and provide a meager light radius, and must be tended to/equipped in favor of weapons or armor.
    • Magiluminescence is also useful for the fight, because the boss' movements can be easily seen even in the dark because of the red marks on it's fur glowing in the dark, making light radius mostly irrelevant and Magiluminescence also provides speed boost, making it easier to dodge attacks in time.
  • Players can use Construction Amulet to craft both Dreadstone Armor and Dreadstone Helm after the first boss fight, this way you don't need to fight the boss again to craft the remaining armor piece. In combination with the Deconstruction Staff this can be an effective way to quickly obtain more Dreadstone/Pure Horror prior to activating the Shadow Rifts.

Gramophone.png Quotes

Mutters when appearing

  • "UUGH..."
  • "...(growl)..."
  • "...UUUGH..."

When a character approaches

  • "FREE... ME..."
  • "...UUGH..."
  • "COME... CLOSER..."
  • "PLEASE..."

On the next appearance

  • "COWARDS!"

Fighting the chains

  • "ITCHY!"
  • "CAN'T MOVE!"

When the columns are destroyed

  • "YES!"

Fighting with parasitic shadeling

  • "OFF OF ME!"
  • "GET OFF!!"
  • "VERMIN!"


  • "AHHH!"
  • "OW!!"

Crashes into a column trying to shake off parasitic shadeling

  • "OWWWWW!"
  • "OOF!"

Attacking a character

  • "HEH HEH HEH..."
  • "FREE... FREE!!"
  • "GRAAAR!!"
  • "PESTS!"
  • "IS MINE! MINE!!"

After defeat

  • "M-MY POWER..."

Restoring health

  • "HUFF... HUFF..."

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