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The Dreadstone Helm is a craftable head slot Armor, crafted in either the Armour or Shadow Magic Filter. It requires 4 Dreadstone and 4 Pure Horror to craft. The Rare Blueprint for the Dreadstone Helm is dropped after defeating the Nightmare Werepig.

It has a Durability of 840 (over twice that of a Football Helmet). It absorbs 90% of received physical damage and 5 flat received Planar Damage. It also grants 20% resistance to Wetness.

An extra 10% protection is added after the initial 90% (total 91%) to physical protection from Shadow Aligned creatures. When combined with the Dreadstone Armor or Void Robe, the total physical damage protection against Shadow Aligned creatures increases to 92%, as the extra protection added after the initial 90% becomes 20% instead of 10%.

Additionally, 10% Planar Protection is added before the flat Planar Defense against Shadow Aligned creatures. When combined with the Dreadstone Armor or Void Robe, this bonus becomes 20%. This manner of protection is much more effective than the physical damage counterpart.

While worn at less than 100% durability, the Dreadstone Helm drains 20 Sanity Meter.png/min. If Dreadstone Armor is also equipped, however, it drains -10 Sanity Meter.png/min.

Log Suit.pngDurability

The helmet restores durability every second by a certain amount, which depends on the amount of sanity of the character and is calculated by the formula:

P - is the percentage of recovery as a decimal;

t - is the percentage of the character's sanity as a decimal fraction;

b - bonus from having dreadstone armor also equipped, which is equal to 1.5 if equipped, and 1 if not.

The following are examples of restoring durability to full sanity and lack thereof.

Sanity Recovery rate With a bonus
100% 0.0007/s

1% per 14s


1% per 10s

0% 0,001/s

1% per 10s


1% per 6,7s

Dreadstone Helms and Dreadstone Armor does not regenerate durability while Enlightenment is active. This makes the helm less preferable for the Celestial Champion fight or any other lunar related combat, though their incredible durability and sanity drain make them useful so long as the player is mindful of the helm's durability.

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