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A Palm Leaf Hut is a craftable Structure in the Shipwrecked DLC. It is found under the Survival Tab and requires 4 Palm Leaf, 4 Bamboo and 3 Rope to craft, and an Alchemy Engine, or a Sea Lab to prototype. As long as the player is under, it provides complete protection from Rain and 180 point protection against Overheating. A Palm Leaf Hut does not have a durability and will not expire over time, however, it still can be destroyed by Fire or by other means that destroy player structures. Despite its flimsy appearance, it is also not affected by Strong Winds.

It should be noted that the protective area of the Palm Leaf Hut is quite a bit larger than the apparent size of its roof, and the players will be protected even if they appear to be just partially under it.

If placed close enough to a safe source of heat (Chiminea or Firepit) one can dry off even during heavy storms

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