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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

For the debris found in Hamlet-compatible worlds, see Deflated Balloon and Wicker Basket.

The Crashed Balloon is a set of naturally spawning objects in the Hamlet DLC. They mark the player's spawn point and are meant to infer the player has crashed their hot air balloon on their starting island.

There are six different pieces: A Deflated Balloon, a Wicker Basket, two Mongrammed Luggages, Useless Flags, and a Bag of Sand. The debris can be destroyed with a Hammer to yield Cloth, Boards, a Hardened Rubber Bung, a Razor, a Rope, and Sand, respectively.

Gramophone.png Examination Quotes

Wheeler Portrait.png
There go all my dreams.

Wheeler, examining a Deflated Balloon

Wilson Portrait.png
A complete basket case.

Wilson, examining a Wicker Basket.

Willow Portrait.png
Well it has a 'W' on it so it must be mine.

Willow, examining a Monogrammed Luggage A.

Waxwell Portrait.png
There's a 'W' monogrammed on it. It must be mine.

Maxwell, examining a Monogrammed Luggage B.

Warly Portrait.png
Looks like somebody had a party here.

Warly, examining a Useless Flags.

Wagstaff Portrait.png
Presumably the sand was used as a counterweight.

Wagstaff, examining a Bag of Sand.

Wicker Basket

WX-78 Portrait.png


The Wicker Basket is a naturally spawning Structure found in Hamlet-compatible worlds. Only one spawns per world, and it can be Hammered to yield one Can of Silly String and Boards. It always spawns next to a Deflated Balloon. The Wicker Basket has its own Map icon, allowing it to be easily found later. It is the only way to build the Skyworthy outside of a Hamlet world.

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