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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Palace is a Structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC which spawns in a Pig City on a separate island from the starting island. To get to the second island the player must go through the palace Pig Ruins (The one with a pig on the top). The Palace is surrounded by four elegant-looking Watch Towers. The Watch Towers can be deconstructed using a Deconstruction Staff for 4 Pig Skins, 2 Halberds and 3 Cut Stones.

Door (Ancient Pig Ruins Exit) Map Icon.png Interior

Upon entering the Palace, the player will find Queen Malfalfa wandering about her Throne Room as well as an exit door. To the left is a room containing the Royal Gallery. A second room to the left, serving as a Souvenir Shop, contains multiple Post Cards of the Royal Palace on shelves, multiple silver crown replicas (currently titled "Queen Malfalfa") in glass displays and, if the player has not already unlocked her, Wilba. This third room also contains an exit, which leads to the same exit as the one in the Throne Room.

Royal Gallery Exhibit

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Three Royal Gallery Exhibits can be found in the second room of the Palace, containing the Key to the City, the Can of Silly String and the Executive Hammer. They can each be unlocked using one Royal Gallery Key, obtained from giving the Pig Queen a Royal Crown, Regal Scepter, The Blue Sow or The Jeweled Truffle, to access the objects within.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Dying in a different world (any of the three DLC realms, as well as caves, ruins, and the volcano) and respawning from a Meat Effigy or Magic Flower that was placed inside any Hamlet DLC interior (Slanty Shanty etc.) will cause the player to be respawned out in the void of the world holding the respawn structure. It is recommended to use the command c_warp("prefab") to teleport the character back into the world, as walking back in can be problematic for world types such as Shipwrecked.

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