Secret Bandit Camp

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Secret Bandit Camp is an object exclusive to Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC, which spawns after reading the Bandit Stash Map, obtainable by killing a Masked Pig.

After reading the Bandit Stash Map, the player's world map will open and reveal a red mark quite similar to those from Shipwrecked, somewhere near the player (in a specific range).

The camp can be dug with a Shovel to spawn a Chest and two Peagawk Plumes. If the player opens the chest, they will find rare/valuable items, such as long conservation food, Gold, Armor, and Oincs. The chest will always contain one of 6 combination of items.

Chest.png Possible items combinations

1 Jerky.png x2 Oinc.png x15 Tenpiece Oinc.png x1 Drumstick.png x2
2 Jerky.png x2 Oinc.png x5 Gold Nugget.png x4 Alloy.png x1
3 Tin Suit.png x1 Oinc.png x15 Fancy Helmet.png x1 Halberd.png x1
4 Jerky.png x1 Oinc.png x5 Spyglass.png x1 Old Boot.png x1 Sewing Kit.png x1
5 Jerky.png x2 Oinc.png x2 Tenpiece Oinc.png x1 Tuna Can.png x4
6 Monster Meat.png x1 Oinc.png x15 Tenpiece Oinc.png x2 Tuna Can.png x1 Drumstick.png x2

Prototype.png Tips

  • Keep in mind that even if the player reads the map on one island, the Bandit Stash can land on another island if the island is in range.

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